Food bank closures for Queen's funeral - your views online

Food banks are not required to shut on Monday but many have decided to close as a mark of respect to the Queen
Many food banks have decided to close on Monday for the Queen's funeralMany food banks have decided to close on Monday for the Queen's funeral
Many food banks have decided to close on Monday for the Queen's funeral

Lorraine Blyth

So a family that may have ran out of money/food over the weekend might have to wait till Tuesday to seek help. This is a step too far. Surely organisation’s can ask for volunteers. Not everyone is a royalist and will wish to sit glued to the TV for hours.

Fiona Ann Ferguson

The volunteers who run these deserve a day off too. People will not go hungry, they will make sure people have the food they need beforehand. What’s disgraceful is so many people needing food banks in the first place in one of the wealthiest countries on the world. And it’s only going to get worse with all these rising costs! Country is in a shambles.

Terri Johnstone

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Absolute lack of empathy for folk that need these food banks in order to feed their families. I’m sure the Royal Family would not want to see bairns go hungry so folk can watch the funeral!

Donna Thomson

Probably uncalled for. People need to eat, which the Queen, in my opinion, would completely get.

Dot Fraser

Why can’t they stay open out of respect for the queen and the people in need in their communities (who should be their first priority)?

Brian Pollard

Why don’t the Royal Family pay for the food banks? Be a better mark of respect.

Kelly Chandler

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Is it not a contradiction in terms to let people go hungry to pay respect to the queen? Doesn’t seem right.

Fiona Kerr

Surely the food banks could give them one extra day’s food when they collect their supply. Maybe most of the staff and volunteers wanted to pay their respects and watch the Queen’s funeral on TV!

Yvonne Ramage Hutchison

Why do they close? It an essential service for those that have to use so the can eat! There must be volunteer helpers who are not interested in the Queen and what she stood for who can keep it open. Even some supermarkets are re opening at 5pm until 10pm!

Bianca Wood

Probably could get the food bank on Friday before the funeral to give three days’ supply as you normally would get more than one day’s supply. Just tell them what you will be needing for those days.

Anne Cook

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These food banks are run mostly by volunteers. They need to be taken into consideration too. Hopefully something can be put in place, maybe half-day closing.

Emma Pittman

Some people rely on food banks as their only way to put food in their children’s belly. But pay our respects to the queen and let the kids go hungry!

Kristine Robinson

So volunteers are of no importance!

Mary Graham

I doubt Her Majesty would like that also some hospital appointments have been cancelled.

Kevin Somerville

Simply don't want to look like the "bad" one for not closing during the funeral, like most other places. Princess Diana's death was more shocking and tragic but I don't remember this happening.

Mark Graham

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Food banks, what a state of a country. Would an independent Scotland have them? Would her Majesty ever have set foot in one?

Peter Anderson

One of the wealthiest nations on the planet and we talk as though food banks are just part of life now. The money spent on this circus would wipe food banks out forever. That's what you could have called real legacy!

Nikki Japp

What about respect for people who have no money and need the food banks? Yet you'd rather shut out of respect for the crown who have been robbing us blind all of our lives.

Edinburgh housing

Cockburn Association backs Tynecastle student flats plans but calls for no more in the area

Carol Winton

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Edinburgh does not need more student flats, there are too many already.

Karen Flame McKelvie

Reasonable? They do know there is an actual housing shortage! The students were fine in their HMO properties before!

Viv Haig

We’ve already got a football stadium, a high school and a pub, the last thing we need on McLeod Street is over 400 students. Would the developers or the director of the Cockburn Association want student accommodation on their street? More noise and mess for us residents. Bet there will be fewer parking spaces. This city is getting worse.


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