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Campaigners calling for an end to gambling advertising and sponsorship in football are marching between Edinburgh and Glasgow

David Litster

Sports betting pays the wages - no different to any other form of betting.

Lorraine Blyth

Gambling ads should be banned. Full stop.

Paul Sayers

If we live in a communist state, yes. But we are still in a free world – or are we? Surely we can all decide what we want to do ourselves.

Michael Linton

What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions?

Helen Lang

Yes, if they are going to ban from the TV and racing and the lottery, these thing are all gambling.

Christine Douglas

No I don't think so. You take responsibility for yourself. People get a buzz but you should know when to stop. It isn't the bookies’ fault if you are stupid enough to put all your money on something. Just think before you do it.

James Luff

I bet it will never be stopped.

Ian Young

It's all the wee "terms and conditions". You might get £10 gratis, play and win £1000, but you can't take it, you must play it again and again and again so that they get it back. It's a mug's game and the bookie always wins.

Christopher Arkle

Not likely as so many sports and football teams are funded by gambling companies. Where would they get the money from instead?

Diane Smith

Yep. We now have them everywhere. You stopped cigarettes, so why not gambling?

Linda Anderson

Why should they be banned?

John TD Campbell

5 -1 they don't finish the walk.

Moving house

Kirstie Allsopp's 'move somewhere cheaper to buy a house' comments were blasted as 'ludicrous and divisive' by Edinburgh body, Living Rent

Ggavin Mmarkham

Snotty cow has obviously never visited Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland, where house prices are second only to her comfort blanket bought by daddy in London.

Claire A A Eadie

Second homes are one thing her TV programme advocated, people selling bigger properties in London to buy inflated rural properties and keep a bolthole in London with their cash. Their programme was never real life, never average-waged families looking for a two up-two down.

Alex Monaghan

Does Kate Campbell mention that Edinburgh council have sold off public buildings like the former Boroughmuir High School to developers who are selling one / two bed flats at prices out of the reach of most pockets? Did they not have a responsibility to support an affordable housing policy or are they, like the developers, only interested in making as much cash as possible. Don’t blame the Tories, look at your own policies on the matter.

Emma Louise

Moving somewhere less expensive is one thing, but if you live withing a reasonable travel distance from your place of work, moving elsewhere could increase your travel costs and the money you save on rent could be taken up by that, so what would that solve? A lot of these people in privately rented homes have to weigh up the pros and cons of moving out to more rural areas. It's not all just about the cost of rent. There are other factors to consider that she has overlooked.

Helen Phillips

Yep, somewhere cheaper for housing, but then look at the home insurance, car insurance, tax etc, not to mention the looming rises in gas and electricity, then the privileged say ‘don’t ask for a pay rise’. We are most certainly NOT all in this together. It gets my back up when the rich “I’ve no problem” people give advice on how to live.

Ralph MacGillivray

Ah yes, Ms Allsopp. She vehemently opposed Scotland being allowed to have the last referendum on Independence. Clearly we simply exist to solve housing issues down south. As for Miles Briggs, his party continues to support the sale of social housing at discount in England and Wales. Something our devolved Scottish Government put an end to years ago.

Ian Alexander

Her programmes are all about buying houses between £500,000 and £1 million, so what does she know about real life?

James Law

Her ‘I'm all right Jack, to hell with the rest of you’ attitude reminds of Tory minister Norman Tebbit’s advice to ‘get on your bike’.

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