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Monday, 5th April 2021, 7:00 am

Meadows mayhem

Forget Spaces for People, put park wardens back on the Meadows says Helen Martin

Sharon Walker

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We were frightened of the 'parkie' back in the day so you behaved, just like we were frightened of the local 'bobby' who knew all the kids by name. Those days are long gone sadly.

Nicholas Burns Cumming

You can have all the bins you want, and all the patrols you want, it won't change behaviour. These young people have never been taught to pick up/take home their litter. All their lives others have cleaned up after them. It doesn't even enter their heads that they are responsible.

Tom Kerr

They should never have made the park wardens redundant. Ridiculous decision by an out of touch and irrelevant council.

Sarahjane McLaren

The police get dogs’ abuse these days, never mind a park warden. Another suggestion would be more bins that get regularly emptied.

Derek Thorburn

Parkies would not last two minutes today. The kids that are causing trouble in the Meadows and other parks have no respect for themselves, their parents or anyone else.

Mark Symonds

Unfortunately, Spaces for People is a government fund which is proscriptive to on street measures. It is capital. Funding jobs requires revenue funding.

Paul Krol

That will not happen, as Edinburgh council bosses are too happy to give our money to agency companies in George Street. It would be a change for money to be used for services.

Hazel Erskine

They are having to remove bus services due to youths throwing things and injuring drivers/passengers. What chance would a park warden stand?

Dan Bentley

Don’t exactly fancy being in a patrol of a few guys going up against dozens of drunk folk, recipe for disaster!

Sylvia Scott

People litter everywhere. Green spaces are only part of the problem. How do you police everywhere? There's definitely a lack of bins in Edinburgh.

Jacqueline Calder

There used to be park wardens at all parks including the small one at White Park in Gorgie Road!

Neil Chalmers

Clearly, this behaviour should not be encouraged or tolerated. It is anti-social and not in the interest of the common good. However, confrontation is only likely to escalate the situation and/or move the problem elsewhere. Arriving at a long term solution has to take into account the needs of the whole of society, including the participants in these revelries, and the powers that be have got to get round to opening up clubs, discos and meeting places for the younger generation as soon as possible.

Jenny Hazel

Just bins and public toilets would do it.

Alex Mclean

I agree fully. Wardens who can keep order and consult with police if necessary.

Ewan Jordan

Sorry, but the wardens couldn’t handle the youth, they would all get their heads in, that’s one job you can keep!

Antisocial incidents

Over 100 antisocial behaviour incidents reported around Edinburgh’s buses and trams since mid-February as police continue Easter patrols

Christopher Arkle

Would it not be cheaper for Lothian Buses to hire ex-military people to provide security and then the police can stay out of it since the "criminal justice" system is obviously not able to deal with this correctly?

Sharleen Callander

Lock the offenders up and make the parents pay for all damage. It might make parents sit up and pay more attention to what their kids get up to.

Alex Mclean

We’re paying the price of a generation over-protected by law from discipline. Teachers are afraid of them and their parents completely oblivious to what they are up to. This doped up generation are fearless. Centralised policing is not working to deal with these social issues. We need police substations in problem estates properly manned and able to respond on the beat. That could be in the form of mobile units. Something needs to change and fast.

Eddie Rodger

Just wait till they all get free bus travel as well. Doesn't bear thinking about the consequences.

Steven Davies

Staff do a great job, these people are a disgrace.

Henry Campbell Gillan

I wonder why these incidents don't appear to happen in most European cities.