Fury over lack of grit for bins as frost bites in Edinburgh - your views


Icy roads

Fury over lack of grit for bins as frost bites in Edinburgh

Mark English

I can’t fault Edinburgh council this year. They’ve done a good job keeping the road clear and bins filled where I stay. It must be hard for them to attend every street.

Rosalind Sneddon

Not a bit of grit was put down in Abbeyhill. Pavements and side streets were terrible. What are we paying the council for?

Pauline Morrison

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Same at East Craigs. The council won't come up our street as they think it's too narrow, even though the bin lorry does every week. Also there's no grit left in bins and they've had multiple emails asking to be filled.

Dee J Morrison

It's not just this estate! We live in Dalkeith and they have built the estate so there are no pavements, only roads, but have refused to provide grit for us to do our roads as they told us that regardless of whether it is unsafe and people have injured themselves, they have no legal responsibility to provide grit, so will not be doing it.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Why don’t the council come out and tell the truth – the city is bankrupt, as is the country?

Sharon Macnab

Pavements and roads at Oxgangs were the same. What do we pay our council tax for?

Elizabeth Thomson

Every street should have at least one grit bin.

Jim Ramage

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Get off your lazy backside and clear the pavement in front of your house. And put some salt down; also help any neighbours that can’t manage- it’s not too much to ask.

Chris Evans

I was out walking this morning - the pavements around Liberton Road and Lady Road at the pedestrian crossings and coming up the road from the centre are a sheet of ice. They have been like this for over a week.

Lesley MacKinnon

To all you lazy lightweights, try living in Mayfield! Honestly, you've no idea!

Kelly Willis

We just need the grit bins available to do it, preferably with some grit in them. It's pure ice around the Chesser end of the city.

Emily Mckenzie

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It's absolutely nuts. I went to the shop yesterday in my wellies, nearly fell nine times there and back, and pulled a muscle in my back. I live in a veteran house scheme, so the neighbours are either old or amputees. Far too dangerous for them to try get to the shop. Something needs to be done.

Paul Gillen

The city centre isn't even gritted, so no chance of suburban areas being gritted either. I feel bad for the elderly!

Emma Allan

It’s absolutely shocking. My daughter and I have fallena few times on the ice! But it’s the elderly who need to walk in this that could get seriously hurt!

Lorraine Blyth

Same everywhere! We cleared our path and all along the front of our tenement. Pity the same can’t be said for others. But the council must take some responsibility as even supposedly treated areas are like sheets ice.

Carol Mackay

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I raised a solve to get our ‘hill’ (like Hillend) gritted and was told it had been inspected and it wasn’t critical - case closed! They’re finally at the bottom of our road inspecting the 24 potholes, sadly ignoring the damaged speed bump cones damaged by vehicles trying to squeeze through.

Rita Brett

Hyvot area is bad. There is a lot of elderly people there. I haven’t got my car out for days, so I walk mostly on the road as the pavements are too icy.

Ann Davidson

It's not just the city, it’s everywhere. Help each other if you are able, if you are not working, go and help grit it.

John Hewit

Barratts say their insurers tell them not to grit the roads until the council adopts them. Way to pass the buck and dodge your responsibilities! If they are responsible for the roads, they should grit them, not wait until the council take them off their hands.

Pauline Gray

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Same in Liberton on the side streets, absolutely treacherous. I had a fall and hurt my knee. Luckily I am not an old person.

Susan Clark

Edinburgh council should be embarrassed for themselves. They never come down my street and there is a school at the bottom. They have a cheek taking council tax off us.

Stevie Webster

The pavements in Gilmerton, Ferniehill and Fernieside are atrocious. I thought the council were legally obligated to grit them.

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