Gorgie Farm closure - your views online

Gorgie Farm has announced it will be closing to the public in mid January due to “serious financial challenges”

Thomas Findlay

Thank goodness there's a tram line, though. I remember many times having to wait almost three minutes for the next bus on Princes Street. Now my days of waiting are over. Thanks CEC!

Lyndsey Maclean

If everyone who entered payed £1, the farm would be in a better situation. Yes it's free and a good day out but it doesn't run on fresh air. A small fee from everyone may have helped save it from closure.

Lindarose McArthur

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Such a shame. I would take my two kids there when they were younger. Soon we will have no greenery or animals in and around Edinburgh. Butterfly farm now gone, some of Edinbufgh zoo and now Gorgie Farm. Everything is disappearing. Such a shame for future generations.

McFi Bags

Such sad news. I volunteered there many years ago which helped me on road to recovery from severe mental health issues. There were also young folk doing Duke of Edinburgh Awards and people doing community service. The farm helped many people from all over the community as well as the animals.

Rose Ann Fraser Ritchie

I also have many happy memories of Gorgie City Farm with my children. One venue we could happily enjoy and not have to worry about the admission fee when strapped for cash. Creative Scotland should take this on as a creative environment or the National Lottery. They have loads of cash to decide, as do the Scottish Government. A national disgrace this sanctuary being shut down!

Angie Mcbeth

So sad to see this having to close. I’ve been going their for 20+ years, evertime I go I put £7 in the milk tub thing. Something else that the younger kids and families are going to miss out on, a very sad time. And the city of Edinburgh can spend thousand of pounds on fireworks on Hogmanay - very, very sad.

Martin Salkeld

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To all people stating the Lottery could fund this. Why? Surely it was up to the people running it to provide better strategic management and implement a charge – even £1 would've helped. Shame on the people who visited and didn't give a donation. Hopefully the animals will be rehomed and looked after. They shouldn't rely on other businesses to bail them out time and time again. Better management would've helped.

Sara Trequa

This is so sad! I used to go often and really enjoyed it. And it was always nice to leave a wee donation as well! Thank you council for not caring about anything else but money!

Carol Winton

Very sad, hope they rehome all the animals. It should be saved, but nothing can run at a loss.

Kelly O'Rourke

Don’t be sad guys, It will be a set of flats before we know it.

Helen Greig

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Is there a crowd funding page or something like that? it just feels to me like they're not even trying to save it. Cost of living is an issue but it's also a potential for the farm to look into greener ways of working and the farm could also provide pet therapy sessions etc. There's a huge football club over the road that could surely help in some way, even just to have people collecting money at the next football match etc.

Neil Lennon

Former Hibs boss Neil Lennon 'open to offers' as he considers return to management in Scotland

Derek Mattison

I’d take him back at Easter Road with full say on signings.

Chris Horne

Such a controversial character, wonder which clubs would want him with all the baggage that comes with him. That said, there's a handful of SPFL clubs that could really do with a significant backroom revamp, so he shouldn't be short of jobs to apply for.

Joss Mullen

Let’s see him back at Hibs – I thought he was a great coach there.

Alan Lawrie

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He would be better as director of football with a manager below him and he’d take over recruiting. He/we could still keep EJ and see if he improved the the results.

Carrie Haggarty

Back to Easter Road please

Ruth Brown

Those who would take him back seem to forget that he abandoned us, to the point where his players and his management team didn't know what to tell the media/ fans when asked, not to mention that he's a bomb scare and a liability. I appreciate that he got us into Europe and we had an okayish season under him. Tbh I'd rather have someone with a bit more stability at the helm.

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