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Nicola Sturgeon is asked to help save Gorgie Farm at FMQs

TJ Blois

Gorgie Farm saved us as a family when we were coming out of lockdown. Having a toddler in a tenement flat crawling up the walls was tough, but being able to let her run around the farm was just amazing!

Keith Carlyon

They would rather spend millions on trams than save an Edinburgh institution. Disgraceful.

Lisa Robb

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Why not get rid, as they did with a fun pool for kids? Nothing much left for kids in Edinburgh sadly.

Carol King

The council should be taking it over and managing it as a full time alternative education service for all the thousands of children unable to access mainstream full time education, but they won't!

Gary Mckie

Really hope it’s saved. It was a big part of my autistic son’s route on game day. It will break his heart if it closes

Vicki Boudali

Gorgie Farm needs to try to save itself with charity events and organised events. Can’t always rely on the public to save something time and time again!

Alan Burnett

I thought Edinburgh Zoo were taking it on.

Leigh Mcintyre

Sorry, spent all the dosh on sinking ships!

Lorna Willins

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The financial situation with Gorgie Farm started with their funding being stopped. If Edinburgh Zoo take it over they will charge and these prices will be extortionate.

Sarah Clark

I would much rather Edinburgh Zoo and the other organisations who have shown an interest did it, with the knowledge and experience they have.

Kim Bryce

All the money she wastes on an independence dream that we don't want and trams, while everything else is crumbling around us.

Ian Armstrong

There will be flats there. The council would rather spend millions on cycle lanes and trams.

Stuart McDonald

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I suppose it's down too costs, or is it? Slip on a 3D headset and experience virtual reality or pay more for actual reality!

Stuart Mcgarvie

I'm sorry, but if we have no money for a nurses’ wage rise, then this place would best be closing!

Paulio Gardner

It's proven its not worth saving. Maybe they should charge an entrance fee.

Elaine Anderson

She has no problem dishing out money for the stupid trams, but to help an Edinburgh institution, nah. Just like Princes Street. However, check out Glasgow - enough said.

Adam Ostry Chasz

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Just shut the place down and, I don't know, maybe build some student accommodation or a tram line. Maybe we should ask management of this place what's gone wrong?

Warren Burrows

It should be CEC that saves the farm. Any organisation that employs more officials earning over £100,000 pa than any other local authority can afford this.

Kirsty Leslie

Sorry, but if they can't afford public sector pay rises or care for the elderly then no. This "business" has already been bailed out twice, clearly it's not running a profit. Perhaps that needs looked at before any further investment.

Forth 2 Radio

Edinburgh-based Forth 2 radio station is to rebrand as Scotland-wide ‘Greatest Hits Radio’

Callum Burns

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Bauer Media’s drive to destroy local radio carries on! Radio Borders is just a name now, seeing that they closed the Tweedbank studio and only have one "locally" produced show. Bare minimum to keep the license.

Steven Oliver

It was only going to be a matter of time before the Bauer Scottish heritage brands went. The sound I'm hearing just now is that of Richard Findlay spinning in his grave.

Colin Mclennan

Great station to listen to. I love Ewan and Cat, my favourites. I have listened to the station since it began in 1975.

George Munro

Edinburgh is losing out again. No, local radio should not be allowed to change. What's the betting that it moves west within a year?

Barry Dickson

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Move to community radio Black Diamond FM, Chief and others. Support proper local radio.

Leigh McGrogan

Yeah, don't think anyone under 50 still listens to the radio enough for this to be a problem.

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