Hamilton report finds Nicola Sturgeon ‘did not breach the ministerial code’ - your views online

A spokesperson for the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at leaks from the Salmond InquiryA spokesperson for the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at leaks from the Salmond Inquiry
A spokesperson for the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has hit out at leaks from the Salmond Inquiry
"Questioning the integrity of a much respected QC. How Trumpian”

Minsterial Inquiry

Hamilton report finds Nicola Sturgeon ‘did not breach the ministerial code’

Carole Gregor

I’d never vote SNP, but I think Nicola’s done a great job during Covid and I’m glad she got cleared of any wrongdoing.

Gemma Riddles

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She's damaged goods, so utterly predictable.... the report from a so called "independent" who she chose herself.

Gary Hamilton

So ex-advisor and member of the SNP finds Sturgeon not guilty of breaking the ministerial code. I'm shocked she even put herself forward to him.

Charles Pretty

Congratulations to Nicola Sturgeon. I had faith in her telling the truth, and that this witch hunt is finally over to try to oust her out of her position. She has always done a great job for our beloved country and it’s people. Well done Nicola Sturgeon.

Allan Munro

Can Douglas Ross, Ruth Davidson and mainstream press now focus on any Tory Cabinet member who has mislead UK Parliament or broken the ministerial code? Waiting!

David Gray

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From an “independent” report by someone of her choosing who’s worked for her before on more than one occasion. Everyone knows she’s guilty and many times over.

Kevin Connolly

No credibility from someone appointed by Sturgeon to look into the way she handled the Salmond case. Absolute whitewash, she is toxic and damaged goods.

Alan Scott

Headline news – former SNP advisor finds SNP leader not guilty. Wow, that was well worth the wait. A box ticking exercise and yet another Scottish justice embarrassment

David Wood

It would appear from unionist comments in here, that they are now questioning the integrity of a much respected QC. How Trumpian. No wonder unionists are a dying breed, with nothing positive to offer.

Martin Walker

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I suppose if you appoint one of your pals to conduct an investigation into your conduct, there’s really only going to be one outcome!

Kenny McNeil

She did not break the ministerial code. Accept that and move on. Let’s see how we can progress to an independent Scotland, where we should be.

Monica Brown

My my, what's wrong? People on here not happy. Well done FM, they try their hardest to get you out because not one off them can lace your boots.

Steve Bell

Nice try Tories. It was clearly a witch hunt with four SNP MSPs for her and four Tory MSPs and one independent against. All we saw was party lines. It was a unionist attempt to stop an inevitable outcome and cause party chaos six weeks before an election. This will only encourage more votes, not reduce them.

Bianca Fernau

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And now let's send Hamilton down south!! Tory front benches will soon be empty.

Stephen Donnachie

They couldn't break her. They even asked her to apologise for another man’s wrong doings. The people of Scotland have to hit them where it hurts, now it's just got to be SNP on May 6.

David Barr

Breaking news – there has been a report that there are loud screams coming from the top of Arthur’s Seat as Tory MSPs jump off. The good news is they are so lightweight they just floated down. Wee charisma bypass Dougie has been carpeted in No 10 for not shouting loud enough in in his interviews. Margaret Mitchell has self-combusted and Murder Fraser was seen weeping into his hankie. Jackie has already had a bottle of Bailies and was last seen spewing into her large handbag. Any more good news I’ll let you all know.

Scott Robertson

As much as I'm not a fan of the FM, that's a line drawn under it for her. But Salmond on the other hand now deserves everything coming to him. He would've been happy for her to lose everything, so the same should apply here. The so called 'leak' wasn't exactly accurate was it?

David Hendo

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He was not just a pal, he was an advisor to the SNP appointed by NS. This was not an independent review. Why was he selected and why did he feel it was right to carry out the review? Just asking! Retiring from political comment now. Its been fun!

Caroline Macdonald

She’s an amazing woman who has yet again proved she’s the best person for running Scotland, so Alex and Ruth sit down.

Mike Thomson

Let’s get the leak investigation started. Unionists must be held responsible.

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