he European Commission is to propose Covid vaccination passports across the EU - your views online

"This is no different to needing a yellow pass for trips to Africa. No point blowing this out of proportion!”

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 7:00 am

Covid passports

The European Commission is to propose Covid vaccination passports across the EU

Bobbie Quarterman

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Any country has the right to protect its citizens and by refusing entry to those who have not had the vaccine they are exercising that right.

Christine Gibson

Really got to wait till we know more about how the vaccinations protect you and for how long. Does it have to be updates each year? Lots of questions.

Simone Knall

It's not imposing the vaccine.... how many times does one have to say that! it's a document that states you have had the jab or you have tested negative before travelling.

Claire AA Eadie

Our goverment won't impose taking the vaccine; didn't say others might stipulate you have it before entering their country.

Kirsty Leslie

Why not make it optional to have this? I've nothing to hide and I've had the vaccination. Happy to have a vaccine passport.

Helen Murray

If you haven't had the vaccine, they will offer you a test instead. It just makes it easier for you to travel, so no one would be excluded. No vaccine, then you need a test result. If you refuse that, then no travel.

John Monahan

Don’t think anything else could be expected, tbh. However, what about exempt people? They cannot be forced to take tests to travel. This must also coincide with countries getting their acts together to have zero restrictions in their respective territories.

Andrew Aitken

Yeah, and remember the government said they wouldn't make it mandatory. But life will become impossible without it. Goodbye freedom of choice.

Jonathan Devereaux

Can anyone please explain to me why there is opposition to this?

Nick Paolozzi

Did the Israel PM not say they would have to vax the entire population twice a year, including infants? So that's what will be on the horizon here. Also is no one worried that it starts off with this, but then other things are layered on each year, like the Chinese social credit score that exists for the entire Chinese population. Your credit rating, employment status, criminal record, other medical info. Could be a slippery slope!

Peter Anderson

You didn't need a crystal ball to see this coming.

David Boswell

Do what you all want, but I won't care when I'm lying on a nice sandy beach.

Stephen Fellowes

I’ve been offered mine and won’t be getting it. Why should I be forced to take anything I don’t want to? I’m happy to give up my rights to travel, it isn’t a punishment to me.., and no, I’m not anti-vax I’m pro-freedom.

Gillian Smith

Why would anyone have an issue with this? If you can't have the vaccine for medical reasons, I'm sure you will be able to have that shown. I imagine many countries across the world will want proof of vaccination or testing over the next few years.

Haggis Milne

Not be long before they will be saying you need the vaccine to go to work.

Patrice Little

Any dealers yet selling fake passes?

Bryan Wood

Really don't see why though. Regardless of whether you've had the vaccine or not, you can still carry and spread the virus.

Charlie Campbell

Anything that gets us travelling again has got to be welcomed.

Jan McGennisken

Back in the days of the smallpox epidemic a travel card was necessary. Neither the smallpox nor the yellow fever travel cards were anything to do with communistic control of people. The vaccines are to do with the control of outbreaks of life-threatening diseases. Covid 19 has proven to be a life threatening disease as well, thus vaccines are introduced to control the outbreak - not the people.

Festival fears

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Tully Tulley

No Fringe or International Festival till 2022 when we're definitely living in a safe world.

Nicholas Burns Cumming

How about protecting the health of city residents first! Ask residents if they want the Fringe to return to levels of 2019......at the expense of tax payers! All these bailouts are not free.

Michael Gordon

It'll bounce back after the pandemic; there's too much money to be made and too many egos to stroke, eh!