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NHS Lothian faces £100m shortfall due to funding formula as MSP calls for fair deal for area

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th December 2021, 7:00 am

Michael Burns

Under the Barnett formula, if England cut their funding to NHS, then all the other home nations get cut by the same percentage. So if England privitises, then it means no funding - guess what happens next?

David Archer

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Remember Boris and his “brave” Brexiteers, with a big bus which made all sorts of claims of how much could be given to the NHS daily as it was currently being wasted on the European Parliament? So glad we did that.

Joanne Morrison

Stop sending out letters when a patient changes appointments! I changed an appointment, got one letter in one envelope to say they were sorry they had to change my appointment, second letter, separate envelope, same day with my new appointment. What an absolute farce, not to say waste of time and money!

Tony Stamp

Another SNP mess - they would rather spend money on free bus rides for everyone, free school meals for all, free prescriptions for all, etc.

June Spoonie Myles

Change what can be got on prescription. Too many are using it for basics like paracetamol and ibuprofen.

Malcolm Sutherland

Why do we have to beg for our own money back? It’s pathetic. The attacks by the Quislings are also pathetic. Time to dissolve the union with England.

Stuart Young

The NHS is funded by general taxation. The funding is unlimited.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Where is the money going when North Berwick hospital closes and Belhaven?

Ian Simpson

All heath boards are overspent with Covid, they need to tear up the balance sheets and start with a blank page.

Vincent Ellingham

NHS is now the NCS – National Covid Service.

House prices

Soaring house prices and high rents have made it nearly impossible for first time buyers in Edinburgh to enter the housing market, industry experts and politicians have warned

Ilona Turner

The new Edinburgh West out by the airport that’s having 7000 new homes built on it should have been specially funded by the government to have 7000 council houses built rather than private housing that local people can’t afford! We desperately need a new large development built to help with this crisis.

Elayne Young

Yep, my daughter and her partner are having issues even trying to rent! Edinburgh is full of overpriced flats, influx of folk who are affluent buying up properties, shared flats, social housing that is in desperately short supply and no priority for actual folk from the city. Prices even in less popular areas have shot up in the last few years.

Jamie McMurtrie

The problem is new-build affordable houses are snapped up by rich people to rent out to poor people.

John Andrew Clark

Nonsense! What we need is more student accommodation.

Paul Wallis

This is worldwide, and getting worse. The next two generations won't be able to buy at all at this rate.

Alex Monaghan

Fat-cat developers filling their pockets.

Ewan Carmichael

Would help if more of the examples of cost increases were from areas where first time buyers were even likely to find somewhere. Price rises in the New Town, Merchiston or Juniper Green are hardly relevant. How about Granton, Abbeyhill and Gorgie?

James Melvin

“Affordable” to whom?

Christopher Christie

Hasn't been affordable homes for 20 years or more.

Paula Badger

Edinburgh is a tourist location like many others. You want to stay in a bed and breakfast, so the person buys a home for you to stay in. With the self employed businesses, the jobs come. Bradford is not a tourist location.

Best butcher

Which is Edinburgh’s best butcher?

Pete Inglis

John Bain at Stenhouse Cross. Fantastic pies etc and great service.

Janet Lewis

Crombie’s Butcher in Broughton Street. Excellent quality meat and very friendly and helpful staff.

Sheila Paget Paxton

Graeme Cherries, Albert Street. Fantastic butcher and pure gentleman