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Hibs owner Ron Gordon hopes Lee Johnson can bring “sustained success” to the Easter Road club after handing the new manager a four-year contract

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 7:00 am

Charles Bannerman

Given what’s tended to happen to Hibs managers in general and Shaun Maloney in particular, four years seems like a rather ambitious and potentially financially risky length of contract!

Jay Prosser

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Roy Keene looks awfully different nowadays!

Kevin Delaney

Good luck Lee! great manager, great team.

Lee Anderson

Four-year contract when you've just binned the last manager after six months!

Brian Shewan

He’s never won anything in his life, sacked by Bristol City and Sunderland.

Willie Milne

Success, if you give him the same budget as the two old firm teams, that's the only way you will get success.

Rosalia Hope

He be out before Christmas.

Peter Sewell

Good luck Lee, great to have you at Hibs.

Malcolm Fenwick

Best of luck Lee. Saw my team (Sunderland) playing the best attacking football with you as manager.

Brian Cairney

Not even club managers at Barcelona, PSG, Real Madrid and Man Utd get four-year contracts.

Keith Cunningham

I think it’s a brilliant signing and I’m very happy. Well done Hibs.

Cycling goal

More than three quarters of Edinburgh residents would walk or cycle more often if shops and services were closer to home, a report has found.

Lioslaith Rose

Or if cycling in Edinburgh came with kevlar tyres and inner tubes for the potholes... and a free e-kit conversion.

Elizabeth Thomson

Really! Who do they ask in these surveys, Edinburgh’s student population? Don’t fancy carrying a week’s shopping home on a bike!

Pamela Mitchell

Sorry, but I don't believe these findings. Who did they ask? I have never been asked, never been contacted, never seen a single surveyor. I'm guessing it was all done in the city centre among the student population. FYI, no one I know has ever been asked these questions. It's sheer propaganda from the Green brigade.

Frances Petrie-Hay

Or if Edinburgh didn't have so many hills and a generally dreadful climate for about 10 months of the year. Plus secure places to leave bikes because of high theft levels. Businesses would need to provide more shower / changing facilities to enable this.

Kyle Arnold

Well, thank god Edinburgh council keeps approving massive housing estates with two car drives and no services near by.

Alison Martin

Aye, right. City shop rents are so high locals can't afford it, so use their cars to get to supermarkets and shops that locals can afford. Then there is the road works. People avoid the city and Leith now because the bus takes up to 45mins more due to the roadworks. That’s 1.5 hours to get to the shop and back, let alone doing the shopping itself.

Elizabeth Summerfield

There would be more shops and services for residents close to home if the council would stop approving accommodation for transients in formerly residential areas. We're stacked with student blocks, serviced apartments (all new-build) and Airbnb. Their customers don't cook, don't employ tradespeople and don't repair household equipment or cars and they buy mostly fast food.

Tim Wight

Of course, but local government has authorised vast dormitories which are in high density areas with insufficient services and amenities. People have to travel long distances to places of work or decent shopping. Many of the high density areas are zones of blight which have not been addressed by planning or greedy developers. The rack em, stack em and pack em principle has been applied so maximum profit for developers achieved while the lowest possible social environment is afforded. The lag behind for transport, social amenity and general environment is shameful.

Ken Randall

By services I presume it includes things like shops. I wonder how CEC will help people have access to things like butchers and fishmongers... or are these only to be for the posh area and not for the majority?

Jacqueline McCraw

And carrying shopping is not a problem. Maybe we will all get panniers or make six trips instead of one weekly shop.