High energy bills - your views online

All households in Scotland, England and Wales will receive £400 in energy bill discounts the Government has announced.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 1st August 2022, 7:00 am

Jan Wagner

This will not change the problem, but it will be a welcome help. This is all caused by the privatised companies who are only interested in making a profit for their shareholders. The government should cap these obscene profits and or nationalise. Look at the rest of Europe and their cost of living and utilities, despite what Putin is about to do, and it is perfectly clear we are being screwed at every turn. What happened to us that we just put up with it all. The rich get richer, with their wealth offshore safe from the taxes that should be paid, and the poor get poorer and are blamed for being poor. Food banks running out of food and the working poor desperate to use them to feed their families.

Jason Malone

By the predictions coming out, that won’t even cover a month’s bill next year. The only way is to renationalise the utilities and reverse that witch Thatchers policies. While people face the real prospect of not being able to pay to heat their homes no one should be making multi billion profits.

TC Gladioli

Big deal! Just look at the profits the energy companies and the UK government are making!

Colin Moss

The forecast is our energy bills will treble, but income is barely going up. Compare to France, Spain, Germany where the governments work for the people, not the profits of energy companies.

Andy Boyd

A token few crumbs as the energy companies rake in billions of ££££s in profit. Remember the British people owned all these energy companies until the Tories privatised them and sold them to their mates in the city.

Kaz Baxter

I've just heard on the news it's to be paid in six monthly instalments. That's £66 a month. Won't even touch the surface from October.

Emma Lyle

Instead of discounts, why not just get their friends in these big companies to lower their prices to affordable levels for us all?

Sarahjane McLaren

So rather than cap fuel prices more, which the Westminster government has the authority to do, we are instead going to subsidise the profits of the fuel company shareholders using tax payers money, then claim it’s to save said tax payer money. We could have capped prices and used the £400 per house to improve something else… anything else… What a farce.

Gail Miller

Good gesture but why bother? You have to go deeper, stopping the companies that get away with this – it’s absolutely disgusting. The new mafia and the kingpins.

Fraser Mclaren

Wow! £400 but bills up £2000. What a great job the UK government are doing - said nobody, ever!

Steve Ponton

Nationalise the utilities like in France.

Julie Aldred

Shell made billions in profits. Get them to cut their prices and nobody will have to suffer!

Malcolm Sutherland

It makes perfect sense for Scotland to dissolve the union with England. Why wouldn’t you?

Colin Day

So they put the energy up by a couple of grand and then give you £400! Centrica just posted record profits. Time to take action, if your not in a union, join one.

Marcin Pietrzak

We will be pay for those "discounts" for around two generations! because of bandits in white shirts!

Yosof Ewing

So basically we are giving greedy energy companies our own money. Maybe tell the energy companies to lower their tariffs because they can do it. That’s what we voted politicians in to do. Maybe do your job and families would not have to choose between food or energy. Criminal!

Joscelyn Williamson

That’s great, will really help with the forecasted £5k bill dropping on everyone’s mat. How many vulnerable people will die this winter?

Festival support

Scotland’s cultural secretary has urged the people of Edinburgh to embrace the full-scale revival of its festivals

Gary Jenkinson

I think the cost of living crisis and other things going on in Edinburgh are more concerning. Another politician who needs to come in to the real world.

Johanna Winter

Will Scotland's Social Secretary pay my electricity bill and weekly shop so that I might have some 'spare' cash to buy festival tickets with? No? Didn't think so!