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Diesel prices could soar as high as £3 a litre and petrol could reach £2.40 if oil prices don’t stabilise, MPs have been told

David McGrath

Oil prices aren't the problem, oil companies and influential shareholders are the problem.

Barry Macpherson

Apparently there's gonna be a fuel shortage here next month unless the Saudis increase their oil supply, which they've already said they won't. Meanwhile, the Indians will be buying mega amounts dirt cheap from the Russians so they're celebrating and it's us normal people who pay the price as always.

Fraser McCallum

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Should the question not be why these eye-watering fuel costs should even be a concern for a country with the obscene levels of natural resources that Scotland has? The UK Treasury takes 57 per cent duty on fuel plus 20 per cent VAT. Where is the assistance from them?

Matthew Whyte

That's weird considering the price of oil has come down over the last few days.

Brian Whiteman

Stop talking utter garbage. The current price of oil is $103 a barrel, last night it dropped to $98. It was $90 before all this started, so the price should be coming down at the pumps. But of course, fuel companies are ripping us off, including the supermarkets!

Jaime Neal

The governments don’t actually mind. Most of the cost is tax based, so they’ll be happy to let this happen for a short while to recoup some of the costs Covid brought.

Grace Scott

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Perhaps if they didn't need £8.5billion for their shareholders they could keep the price down for us mere mortals. This will affect every single person who needs their car for work. Ridiculous that greed wins over need.

Lynne Munro

More people will have to walk to the shops instead of taking the car.

Anne Amato

Yesterday it was 169.9p a litre and there was a report on the TV that Britain only brings in 4 per cent of our oil, so who is jacking up the prices here? Government in taxes and oil companies making even more profits.

Louise D'Arcy-Greig

Wonder how many billions of profit they will announce this year.

Carol King

How are people going to afford to get to work?

Craig Ferguson

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The oil companies will probably make loads of profit, but remember that around 57.9 pence per litre at the pump, plus VAT at 20 per cent goes to the government. At the moment, at an average of £1.63 per litre, around 83 pence of that is tax and VAT – that’s not down to the price of crude oil.

Graeme Allan

The SNP put most of their case for independence on Scottish oil. Why not up production and use our own instead of buying from everywhere else on the planet?

Ally Preston

The price of oil has already started to drop after the UAE said they would increase production.

Scott Davie

Well, the roads will be quieter and the planet happier.

John Cronin

Maybe goverment should cut their duty on it. Oil per barrel is actually cheaper than it was years ago, yet high fuel charges.

Paul Mc Dougall

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The price of fuel seemed to rocket daily as the oil price went up, yet the price of oil has plummeted again but the fuel price isn't moving on the forecourts.

Paul Clarke

Brent crude down today under $100 a barrel.

Guy Nicholson

That would put my monthly fuel costs up from £250 a month to £750 a month just to come to work. I would be better off not working at all.

Edinburgh litter

A local Edinburgh councillor has complained about the ‘awful state’ of a burn in Colinton Mains Park, which has an ongoing litter issue.

Vickie Meir

It’s the same everywhere and I wholeheartedly agree with the comment he made about it ruining the experience. I have been using the canal to walk into town when in the office and it’s just depressing watching ducks trying to eat among plastic bottles, wrappers and facemasks!

Pete MacDhùghaill

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So, a local Labour councillor whose party, along with the SNP, are in control of Edinburgh's finances has the utter cheek to blame 'council cuts' for the litter problem in his ward. Well, numpty councillor, it was you and you partnerswho set the budget - have a wee think to yourself and try to figure out exactly where these alleged cuts came from.

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