High price of Edinburgh rental property- your views online

A recent study has revealed that almost half of Edinburgh’s population cannot afford the soaring rental prices in the city

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th January 2022, 7:00 am
High property rentals in Edinburgh are pricing some people out of the market

Joanne Halliday

Why should people like myself who work hard have to pay for high rental home/mid market rent homes, why can't we have a council house like others? Mid-market rent homes are being built all over the place – we don't want them, why are these not council homes? No wonder there are so many people who are homeless.

Mo Phillips

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We moved to the Borders because despite both working full time we couldn't afford to rent anywhere in Edinburgh or the Lothians.

Suzie Bowers

Edinburgh- I think the name needs changed. If you want some bread or milky ou wait in a line of about 20 students. You can’t even walk along a street without getting a wee elbow in the side. Your children get knocked over or pushed as they are in such a rush. Go live by the sea, it’s so much better.

Brian Connah

How many of the student new flats are actually taken up?

Neil MacLennan

So, move out of Edinburgh. Yours etc. from West Lothian.

Robin Blacklock

Wait. “Almost half of Edinburgh residents cannot afford rental prices.” Which means more than half of Edinburgh residents can afford rental prices. So that means that statistically the average affordability is higher than the average rent. Is that not then a reasonable functioning market?

Peter Baird

The Scottish Government has to bring in rent controls for Scotland.

Andrew Kwecka

Yet voted best city to live in, by who? Tourists or posh students?

David Macdiarmid

More than half are incomers.

Daniel Gonzalez Lobato

The government should push private landlords to reduce rents.

Devon Longstone

There should be more low to mid-market rent blocks built to accommodate this issue, with rent being capped at a certain level. Private rentals should be allowed to charge a higher rate, though.

Covid restrictions

Did Nicola Sturgeon impose too many Covid restrictions over Christmas?

Tom Young

I wish England had, as she would have done the opposite. Data proves she was too hasty ruining Xmas and hammering hospitality owners and their employees who are still waiting on money promised.

Ian Macfie

No, 430 deaths two days ago, mostly in England. Ask the families if the restrictions down there were enough.

Theresa Holder

Give her a break. Has any other leader been in the position ever? I mean the whole world is dealing with Covid. We have all been learning the last two years nobody knew what was coming or how bad it would be. I mean, she’s done what she and health team deemed was needed. People have died, mums, dads, grannies, granddads. Can’t we just accept what happened?

Robert Mcmillan

Can’t understand why the Presiding Officer called out Anas Sarwar for not asking the question quickly enough and yet Nicola Sturgeon rambles on week after week and is never told to answer more quickly, all she is doing is stating the SNP agenda and not answering the questions.

Chris Storey

Yes, it was clear at the time that the bizarre restrictions didn’t make much sense and were unnecessary.

Laura Cairns

No. At the end of the day people need to realise there is still a lot going about. I think she did fab. We had a quiet Xmas to keep us all safe.

Michael Gordon

Doesn't really matter, she does as she wants regardless of health, economy and the people and she's proved it numerous times, eh.

Maureen Willis

No! She was doing her job and protecting us. My friend died of Covid in England because Boris Johnson didn’t do enough to protect them.

Ronnie Williams

Nobody knew what was going to happen beyond Christmas..the scientists were sufficiently concerned to recommend the actions taken...that’s good enough for me..better overcautious than under cautious.

Eileen McBride

Better too many than too few, but unless there is a parallel universe in which different actions were taken, we can never know.