High-profile SNP MP Joanna Cherry has quit her party’s National Executive Committee - your views online

"The movement is much bigger than one person or a political party”

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021, 7:00 am

Cherry quits

High-profile SNP MP Joanna Cherry has quit her party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) just days after Fife MP Douglas Chapman resigned as party treasurer

Fiona A Sampson

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A shambles of a pretend government. It's time something was done about this as they haven't any answers to anything. It's unbelievable.

Ray Wallace

The movement is much bigger than one person or a political party. The people use the SNP as a vehicle to get independence.

Ken Pattie

I think she has realised that there is no position for her at the very top.

Jennie Godfrey

What is going on please?

Tam Bruce

Pity Sturgeon didn’t resign months ago – we can only live and hope.

Sue Geddes

Only because she is not getting her own way. She is not a team player.

Elizabeth McArthur

Makes one wonder just what the hell is going on behind close doors at Holyrood.

William Leiper

She did not resign from the SNP, she resigned from the NEC.

Michael Wonnacott

Their way or the highway!

Nicol Johnstone

She wants to come clean. Not a baby anymore – she must know what's going on.

Isabella Cameron

Anyone seen Peter Murrell? Not one sighting of him during his wife’s election campaign or afterwards.

Susan Andrews

Won't shed tears.

Alan Mcgowan

The knives are being looked out and sharped, civil war upon us.

Julia McAlpine

Was that the woman who was accused of transphobia and bullying? Not sure she should ever have been in the national executive committee in the first place. Sounds like she’d be more comfortable with the Tories.

John JC Chalmers

She'll be off to her pal Salmond and his cronies soon.

Jake Fraser

How long before she defects to Alba? Her anti-trans rhetoric has annoyed me for a while.

Army vaccines

The army is set to be called in to speed up vaccine rollout in the Lothians amid claims of staff shortages

C Marie Smart

Some NHS staff at Band 2 would be happy to volunteer after proper training but it’s only open to Band 3 and above, as far as I am aware.

Jennifer Clabbie

All over the country we should have anyone trained to give vaccine out in any places big enough to hold and function as a vaccine centre. There’s actually not that many places in Edinburgh doing it, which is shocking, so I’d assume it’s probably the same across whole country. Get people out doing it – use village halls etc.

Nikki Keegan

The queues at the EICC yesterday for my second vaccine were awful. In March I was in and out of the conference centre in 20 minutes. Yesterday I was in a queue for 50 minutes to be seen.

Kevin Somerville

It seems pretty straightforward to administer. They're not looking for a vein to do it.

Claire A A Eadie

Does it really matter who gives you it as long as they are trained to do so? If it take the pressure off existing staff for a bit, it's got to be a good thing. More the merrier!

Lynsey Maclennan

Perhaps if they paid nurses the same rate as the "other" professionals they wouldn't have this problem! I'd love to see my dentist, but he's to busy doing Covid vaccinations to look at my children's teeth.

Brian Monaghan

The army should have been fully involved from the start, its what they do on a mass scale all over the world.

Bill Grainger-Simpson

Makes sense. The Scottish taxpayers help fund the Army - may as well make use of them instead of sending them out to fight proxy wars on behalf of Westminster.

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor had already bagged £1 million - even before his world-beating fight

Pol Mc

The dedication and professionalism he has shown since way before the Commonwealth Games and becoming pro is inspiring, yet the BBC and Sky didn’t show Josh's fight to become Scotland’s greatest boxer in history. He wants his next fight here. I hope he gets a better response and earns what he deserves.