Hospitality staffing crisis - your views online

Hospitality businesses are unable to open fully because they are struggling to find staff, according to Edinburgh pub group Boda Bars. Co-owner Anna Lagerqvist Christopherson said that sometimes the company doesn’t receive a single response to a job advert.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 7:00 am

Sian Crichton

Give people a decent contract and pay. It's hard to live on a part-time contract and impossible on zero hours. People need to be able to pay rent/mortgage and bills. Be willing to train folk. Always wanting experienced people. Experience doesn't equal good quality all the time.

Wayne Young

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Staff training is paramount, and I mean proper training - safety, customer service, licensing laws etc. Zero hour contracts should go. Hospitality is als renowned as an industry with a quick turnover of staff and the uncertainty just now makes it less attractive too.

Ellis John Reid

Hospitality businesses need to stop paying minimum wage and start giving actual contracts and job security. If raising wages by a couple of pound an hour is unsustainable you are running a failing business.

Lauren Hyde

Start paying a proper wage. My partner is a chef and he's working 70 hours a week because they can't recruit. He's at the end of his tether and is about to walk.

Jen Reay

This is Brexit’s impact. Being part of the EU boosted our country in more ways than many folk realised. Heaps of EU workers and students took these jobs. Our city (and country) reaped the rewards of that – more business, increased opening hours. All this business boosting our economy. Now these businesses can’t function, meaning they will close, leaving fewer experiences for us and less money going towards the economy. It’s basic economics.

Ferg AJ

They should increase wages. No one wants to work for pennies in a dead-end job any more.

David Lee

These are low-entry jobs – no one makes a career out of them. They get you on the job ladder till you study to get a better job or go out and move on to better things. A lot of people think they are too good for certain jobs.

Andrew Donaldson

Look at all the unemployed in this country. We don't need foreign labour, we have plenty of folk to take on these positions if pay and conditions are made OK. Why bring in a foreign workforce and expect them to work for peanuts and make them live in sub-standard accommodation? It’s nothing to do with Brexit – some folk are lazy and every employer that's struggling to get staff is because they have treated them like dirt. It’s time to realise that cheap foreign labour is not the way forward.

Maureen Berry

Zero hour contracts and minimal wages are the problem. No one will work in a bar if they have no clue how many hours they are going to get. They need security and bars have not got this. This is not being lazy, it’s being sensible. They will take a job where there are at least some guarantees.

Pauline Tillotson

Hospitality businesses need to start being willing to train staff as well as pay a wage that reflects the anti-social hours plus a higher rate still for experienced staff. Along with guaranteed hours, not zero hours contract, more than just the legal minimum holidays and company sick pay at full pay rate. No more taking all the profits and paying staff the bare minimum.

Johnson’s holiday

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has defended Boris Johnson for going on holiday as the government battles to stem a cost of living crisis – and suggested that wrapping up warmer this winter could help people cope with the energy crisis.

Karen Mac

He’s absolutely no use here, so why not go on holiday?

Arthur Thompson

Do you want him to drive a tanker? He is entitled to a holiday like anyone else.

Paula Arruda

In the midst of this crisis, going on holiday is a dereliction of duty.

Kate Gibbon

Dominic Raab got slated for being on holiday during the Afghanistan crisis so why is he different?

Angela McDermott

Christmas presents on the list this year - woolly hat to keep the body heat in and those socks that you get every year will come in handy for nice cosy feet; plus this year you’ll be glad of the woolly jumper granny is busy knitting for you; and candles for when the lights go out.

Sean Parsons

Boris has been on holiday since he got the job.