How do you feel about Covid vaccine passports? - your views online

"A Covid passport does not mean you won't get Covid”

Thursday, 9th September 2021, 8:00 am

Covid passports

How do you feel about Covid vaccine passports?

Sarah Clark

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It shouldn’t have needed this. The medical and scientific advice was clear but if certain sections of society are not listening then we need to do something else and it’s not just the young.

Amy Napier

Regardless of how anyone feels about the vaccinations/Covid etc the principal is that a person’s body is theirs and theirs alone and anything which undermines or tries to use coercion to undermine autonomy and consent is morally wrong. Regardless of views it is a breach of human rights and shows the line has been crossed.

Paul Taylor

The vaccine passport is pointless, as others have said. The vaccine on the other hand is helping reduce the strain on the NHS ICU facilities. Those who choose not to be vaccinated are free to decide. They should also accept the consequences and agree to be last in the queue for a bed if there is a shortage.

Toni Edwards

Makes absolutely no difference. The government in Scotland do what they like and the Scottish people comply.

Phil-Debbie Thorpe

A Covid passport does not mean you won't get Covid, as we see many admitted with Covid who have been jagged. The vaccines are voluntary and I agree with them, but do believe in personal choice.

Joanne Woolard

Pointless. We know the vaccine isn’t stopping transmission, it is for your protection only. We are seeing real time data from other countries who have rolled this out and it is making no difference to cases. Jason Leitch admitted on the news last night it was to “incentivise” young people to get the vaccine. People should not be forced to take a vaccine, especially with no long term data. Mental health is already at an all time low and the Scottish government are perpetuating more fear, stress, worry and uncertainty on young people’s futures by basically saying “do this or you can’t be a member of society”. It’s utterly disgraceful. This move is not about health and it’s certainly not “following the science”.

Rab Paget

I've had both vaccinations but totally disagree with the Covid passport idea.

Mariusz Piałucha

Why do vaccinated people need to be separated from non vaccinated people? Aren't they safe? If they are not, does it mean the vaccine doesn't work? This totalitarian policy will lead to medical apartheid. You'll not be able to shop without a vaccine passport, your kid will be not able to attend classes, you will be not able to use public transport.

Miles Medboe

I'm all for necessary controls to keep people safe, but this is a pointless erosion of civil liberties in the context of the vaccination programme, making close to zero difference when it comes to transmission of the delta variant (even if health outcomes have been improved significantly). I agree with Alex Cole-Hamilton here that although LFTs are far from a perfect solution, they are a significantly more valuable tool for this purpose.

Alison Corbett

Vaccine passports are just a way to punish people who aren’t doing as they are told! It’s abusing human rights and if people with or without the vaccines let this go ahead it can only get worse! Wouldn’t it be better for people to do a test before an event, especially since having the vaccine doesn’t stop you getting it or passing it on.

Alec Middlemass

Trying to stay relevant. Are the Lib Dems going against this down south?

Choose local

Scottish shoppers asked to back their local economy

Julie Starr

As I manoeuvred through the chaotic roadworks from Ocean Terminal to Junction Street to Easter Road, there was a radio ad on asking us to visit Leith. Why don’t we meander down Leith Walk taking in the eclectic shops, visit Ocean Terminal, The Shore etc…guess who sponsored the ad? Newhaven trams! I really feel for these retailers. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so tragic.

Lorraine Blyth

I have endeavoured to shop local but the service I received on one occasion was so bad I now shop for goods and services with tried and tested vendors, whether local or not.

River Ryan

Shop local! Where can you go in Edinburgh, that’s not under construction? As for Leith, those poor retailers! Someone surely can take Edinburgh council to court! Vote them out 2022.All they’ve ever done is cause misery!

Willie Anderson

Shop local in Edinburgh? With all the bollards and parking restrictions, give us peace.