Hundreds queue up to three hours for a Covid-19 jag at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre - your views online

"Shame, as it appears it has gone fantastic so far. Had my two jabs at the EICC - zero waiting time, staff fantastic”

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 7:00 am
NHS Lothian opens third mass vaccination centre at Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston

Covid queues

Hundreds queue up to three hours for a Covid-19 jag at Edinburgh’s Royal Highland Centre

Daniel Howell

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I told my work colleagues I was having to cancel half my day’s appointments because of the queues and they probably thought I was at i,t as they were in and out getting theirs. And the letter had the cheek to give me such an accurate time to be there, requesting for me to make sure I was as close to that time as possible. A big thanks to the staff and volunteers working in there, they were all great. Hopefully it wasn't too stressful for them.

Louise McBride

I was there. They were prioritising second jags and younger folk. The 40-somethings were left to stand after queuing for two hours while others were ushered in.

William Crawford

And yet the EICC was virtually empty when I got mine yesterday.

John Keating

Shame, as it appears it has gone fantastic so far. Had my two jabs at the EICC - zero waiting time, staff fantastic.

Lisa Potter

I was there today and had to wait. When we got through and spoke to the lady who administered the jag, she said that they were under-staffed and that she had just come from another vaccine centre.

Graeme Robertson

What on earth went so badly wrong?

Kyle Danko

Should give it back to the British Army to run.

Ian Young

It seems that Ingliston is using Pfiser and the others Astra Zeneca. Those under 40 are being redirected as they are not to get the Astra vaccine. Hence queues.

Joanne Hume Miller

I’ll take the wine, someone bring crisps, chocolate and some camping chairs. We might be there a while!

Alan Oswald

Pyramids only took ten minutes!

Lynsey Maclennan

I can only imagine there is not enough people to book the patients in on arrival, as there really should be no need for the wait. I have worked in Forth Valley vaccine centres and I think the maximum number of people I ever saw waiting was 10. I had my second vaccine at the RHS in February and we had to queue up outside in a blizzard.

Kerry Burnett

Over two hours wait, no communication but somebody did eventually start moving people with young kids and babies and allowed them to go right through rather than wait in the freezing cold.

Cannabis warning

Police investigating cannabis farms have noticed an ‘emerging pattern’

Morris Stuart

Legalise cannabis and growers can pay rent, rates and utilities instead of draining resources chasing them. Utter stupidity in this day and age for it still to be illegal.

Jim Christie

The only real reason weed is still illegal is because the massive companies that produce alcohol products would lose millions and these companies have power.

Royal visit

Prince William reveals Kate's love of spicy food on visit to Edinburgh project

Luke Samuels

I love the Sikh community and volunteered to feed the homeless and those in need with them, but I have no time for an outdated royal family. The money that funds royalty could go to better use like “supporting vulnerable families”.

Torhild Lisbet Slapgard

I’m sure they mean well, but allowing themselves to be part of Johnson’s propaganda mashing is not very clever or endearing.

Peter Garland

The constant William stories are really starting to annoy me. His arrogant breaking of the rules, the opposite of apolitical. If they're going to bombard us with this unelected shameless Poundland dictator, we need a demonstration to declare democracy and put them back in their their box with Uncle Andrew.

Tracy Finlay

He should get in touch with a charity that his lovely mum had something to do with, Waverley Care.

Willie Milne

Whoopee do, let's get the bunting out - cringing.


This is nothing more than a calculated response to Prince Harry going rogue and dropping all those truth bombs on Oprah. I mean, it’s not like they would have done this prior to him being honest about how screwed up his family is, right?

Maciej Mlodzinski

Ahhh nice. After living rich life, from time to time go and pretend you care about poor people for few hours, by joining for few hours people who really care.