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"It’s a dead duck; apart from fantasy, there is no financial reality that makes it a winning idea”
Anas Sarwar raised the case of Mary Hudson in the leader's debate.Anas Sarwar raised the case of Mary Hudson in the leader's debate.
Anas Sarwar raised the case of Mary Hudson in the leader's debate.

Holyrood election

Independence is the biggest gamble of the lot says John McLellan

Devon Longstone

It’s actually hilarious that you have people who think this way. A total of 65 countries have gained their independence from the UK... not one of them is asking to come back.

Darren Scoon

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Like most things, the devil will be in the detail. What is required is a proper look at the benefits and drawbacks of both situations, an in-depth look at the possible solutions and issues (such as joining the EU or finding we can’t join) and then presenting a case to the Scottish public so an informed decision can be taken. I’d like to see a cross sector commission (people from all walks of life) review the situation fully and present findings. Even it this work took three-five years, in my opinion it would be worth it for a decision that would then last a lifetime.

Anna Mosspaul

The politicians play the game, and it's the people of Scotland who take the gamble and pay the price. The politicians win, lose or draw still walk away with their " gold plated " pensions paid by us.

Torhild Lisbet Slapgard Dewar

The biggest gamble would be to stay on in the UK, though actually that is likely to continue the downwards spiral. As it impossible to save people from themselves, all we can do is to make sure our own country continue to do well and there is no better time to start that process than voting SNP 1 and 2.

Ian Fraser Coleman

But Westminster had time to get us out of Europe!

John Blu

It’s a dead duck; apart from fantasy, there is no financial reality that makes it a winning idea.

Steve Bell

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Of course it’s a gamble. We don't know what the UK relationship will be, there will be a border with England if we are in the EU, the EU only accepts countries up to 3% debt, while currently we are at 8%. Tax rises probably would be needed to get EU membership. But all of that isn't Scotland's fault. If England want to save the UK they should have made it fair. Having more MSPs in our parliament than 58 at Westminster isn't democracy. It's also a union, so parliament at Westminster needs to be treated like an EU council of the devolved nations, where Sturgeon and the others get a veto on UK- wide issues, otherwise they should be given all of the constitutional powers.

James Winton

How are you independent when all your laws, money and what you have come from Brussels? Sturgeon is power mad, time for her to go. Let her go to Europe and stay, she will not be missed.

William Dow

SNP's "Independence" is not independence at all. Allowing Macron and Merkel to make your laws and tell how much you can fish in your own fishing grounds is vassalage!

Howard Merritt

It's Brigadoon politics, as are the people who think it's viable – simples.

Elizabeth McArthur

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I’m afraid if Sturgeon has modelled herself on being Scotland’s answer to Boudicca, she really needs to consider a rethink.

Cormac Lovett

Isn't it bizarre that not one country which declared independence from the UK in the past 100 years has 'gone bust' nor have any requested to rejoin the UK. Self-determination is normal. The one question I've never had a Unionist answer is, if Scotland is such a drain on the UK (apparently we run a deficit of over £10 billion p/a which the UK funds), why is Boris so desperate to deny us our referendum?

James MacInnes

As there is no official financial case for indep-endence, maybe SNP would have more credibility if they addressed the financial cost to Scotland of independence and how would it be financed?

Paul Klak

It is not the time for this - get the country back on its feet.

Peter Baird

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You could also say staying in the union is a bigger gamble, especially when you see how Westminster is being run,

Ross Viviani

Independence sounds great till you think of other scenarios which could happen, such as Scotland fails to join the EU and is trapped on WTO rules; joins the EU but hard borders are required; Scotland finds independence not what was promised but the divorce with the UK has gone too.

John Wastle

Public spending is 30% higher in Scotland because of money it receives fromthe Treasury. An independent Scotland would have to find a way to meet the shortfall or cut that spending. If the Scottish government declared independence unilaterally, the British government could unilaterally cut all Treasury funding to Scotland.

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