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Nicola Sturgeon is 'to do everything in her power' to hold a second independence vote in 2023

Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 7:00 am

Tom Young

She has no power to call any independence referendum. Best to concentrate on how the majority of Scots are going to feed and heat themselves this year instead of this old tosh.

Ronnie O'malley

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She's telling everybody that we should prepare for Covid being around for ever, then the next minute she's wittering on about independence. Look at the state of the country – businesses going to the wall, high unemploment, Scotland has the highest drug use in the country and the NHS is struggling to cope. What planet is she on? It’s certainly not Earth – she has lost the plot.

Ian McWilliam

We had one in 2014 and the Scottish economy has worsened since then.

Connor Duff

Aye well, I can tell you the way she has handled Covid is shocking! She’s has lost my vote.

Tia Stockdale

Yawn, hail Queen Sturgeon. Shall we make her crown now or shall we wait?

Kirsty Greig

If she says “I'll do everything in my power and if I fail I'll resign”, I might believe her.

Callum An Derson

Luckily she has no power.

Keith Tait

Simply more proof she's not even listening to the people of Scotland. Even the ‘yes’ camps say we don't want another vote just now. It's her dream, not the dream of Scotland.

Jim Nicol

It's the 'my power' bit that shows you how egocentric she has become. Given her record in government I don't know how any right minded person can vote for her.

Graeme Scott

Would love to believe it but I’ve heard it before. Must be elections coming up, she is dangling the independence carrot for votes.

Martin West

She doesn't have the power to do it on her own, still needs the OK from Westminster, which she will not get. But I'm sure that won't stop her, so it could be very interesting to see what happens.

James Thomas McCabe

I may not agree with all the SNP’s policies, but I do believe they have Scotland’s interest at heart. For one, free prescriptions is always a win for me being a type 1 diabetic; also blocking the bedroom tax that England have in place.

Brian Hamilton

I would have it tomorrow but only on the basis that when they lose, there can’t be another for at least 50 years.

Collette Halley

Independence? We voted against that ages ago.

John Fraser

Should be done now, never mind the end of 2023. The sooner are are free from Westmonster the better.

Denise Greenan

Here she goes again! Sort covid first.

Aneta Zydonik

Everything is getting more expensive, she doesn’t haveany idea what will happen with normal people and their money after Scotland become free.

Ray Mccluskey

She won't even get 45 per cent this time round. They've blown it.

David Funnell

The quicker we ditch Westminster rule, the better.

Derek Mason

Give it a rest Sturgeon, you had your chance and the vote went against you. There are far more important things to sort out, so get on with it. Just remember the saying ‘once in a lifetime vote’.

Use-by dates

Should the use-by date be removed from milk?

Margaret Bishop

What did our grandparents and parents do before sell-by and use-by dates? Common sense - seems a lot of folk don't have any.

Jenny Tucker Casson

Sadly not everyone has the luxury of a sense of smell. Especially these days. But it's definitely past time to stop chucking out perfectly edible food.

Pam Christie

Yes, I find Morrisons milk last days past it's Use-By date. I wouldn't dream of throwing it away. I use it three or four days past its date. If I still have some left after that I have a wee taste before adding it to my tea. There will still be a Best-before date to indicate how old the milk is.

Patricia Milner

I bought semi-skimmed milk from Salisbury's, use- by date 4 January, still perfect today.

Rhona Simpson

I would rather see a produced date, that way I know how old the milk is and I can then make an informed decision on how fresh it is and whether I want to purchase it.

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