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SNP plans for a second independence referendum could be wrecked by legal case law

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 7:00 am
The chances of Scottish Government winning referendum court battle are 'quite slim', says legal expert
The chances of Scottish Government winning referendum court battle are 'quite slim', says legal expert

Marion Garland

The Union, much like our EU membership is a treaty between seperate countries. English law must be getting changed real quick to try to say we can't. You can not subvert Scots law. Even in 1707 Scots lawyers saw the sell out and protected us as best they could.

Terry Brennan

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The chances of Scottish Government winning referendum court battle are 'quite slim', says legal expert

It’s amazing that so-called democrats don’t like democracy.

Steven Ogilvie

Let's say we have a referendum and the answer is again no. Are all the seperatists going to keep voting SNP despite the mess they have made of this country?

Alan Marshall

Do Scottish people not understand that they will not be voting for the SNP if they vote yes, they will be voting for Scotland to look after herself and not have Westminster doing it?

John Park

Independence is a bright future for Scotland instead of these Westminster slave drivers.

Mark Thomson

Are we not equals in this union? Must we go cap in hand to our London masters. Its weak and an embarrassment to any other independent nation.

Andy Wallace

Once in a generation vote, the country voted to remain in the union. Move on and concentrate on running the country more competently than at present.

Laird Ronald Simpson

Therefore it’s the biggest waste of taxpayers money, which would be better spent giving folk a decent income.

Eric Christison

The referendum was a once in a generation event, that was the understanding when the Edinburgh agreement was signed. The Scexiteers even campaigned on the basis that Scots would only have one shot at it and Scexit was rejected by a clear majority of us. The day after the result the campaign for another referendum got underway and hasn't stopped since, dividing our country and holding it back with 45 per cent of the electorate propping up a useless government in Holyrood because of their desire to rewrite history. Scexit is not a pressing issue for most Scots, the polls clearly show that we are far more concerned about many other issues. Let's put it behind us and concentrate on making Scotland the country it could be by holding our government properly to account.

Samuel Vance

The people of Scotland should decide for independence, not anyone els. I am all for yes.

James Rees

You should just let them have it. Let them win and sit back to watch their miserable little faces drop even more, as they realise that their fantasies about what an independent Scotland would look like are utterly unfathomable.

Ann McCarron

Ignore the law – Johnson does all the time.

David Barr

Westminster governments of both hues have made rules and scared people about how we would cope in the past. It would not be a land of milk and honey but we could hold our heads up high, unlike now with this slowly disintegrating Westminster cabal rotting from the centre and reaching even their followers in the public who are still prepared to tolerate this disgusting Tory shambles. Scots are lucky, we have a choice.The empire is over thankfully, but some still have their fingernails clinging to the door frame. It’s a shame.

Ryan Tait

Why should it even need legal action? The people of Scotland should decide, whether you are yes or no.

Russell Skivington

More ££££ are redirected to this campaign when other issues ignored, lik education, the NHS and drug problem. To win favour this lot hand out freebies they can't afford.

Peter Anderson

Scotland has two choices, independence or Tories forever. Which would you choose?

Scott Brown

Not what Michael Gove said a while ago. If it's clear that most Scots want independence, then it will be acknowledged, but why won't he release the polling they did? What does it show that don't want Scotland to see, ask yourself that.

Ian Simpson

Probably, but they might try UDI and that would really end it, Scottish Parliament dissolved, SNP members wanted criminals, troops and tanks around airports, train stations, Parliament and Scottish Goverment buildings rule from London.

Toni Edwards

Keep throwing the sheep a bone - keeps them in power.