'It’s a one-off holiday and I can’t afford to lose any more money so I'm going' - Readers' Comments

Millions of British tourists are planning a last-minute "spur of the moment” holiday this summer because they are fed up with having to reschedule their trips away. Here’s what readers thought...
Are you one of the many Britons set to book an overseas getaway?Are you one of the many Britons set to book an overseas getaway?
Are you one of the many Britons set to book an overseas getaway?

Cat McCluskey: I’ve got thousands tied up in flights, hotel and a music cruise I was supposed to take last October. It’s rescheduled for this November. If my flights are flying and the cruise is on I’m going. It’s a one-off holiday and I can’t afford to lose any more money than I already have.

Paula McGuire: How incredibly selfish. Every single one of us ought to be hiding behind the couch until February 2034 at the very least.

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William Kay: Trying not to laugh, but often the reason you can't go is because the country you are going to doesn't want you for the time being. Tough eh? It reminds me of Brits wanting their borders closed but when others do it then it's not fair any more.

Susan Naysmith: It would be a great idea to holiday in the UK but prices have quadrupled. I understand they want to try make money back they have lost over the last year but some people haven't been working and how are some families meant to afford some of these prices?

Andy Hislop: I’ve had my holidays cancelled twice. Booked them last year thinking we would be in a better place by now.

John Monaghan: I will be booking a holiday abroad this year. Certainly won’t be staying in the UK.

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Pamela Hinton: It’s not all about holidays. Some people are simply trying to be with family that are living abroad.

Paul Searle: Across Europe, Covid 19 cases continue to rise, with 35,000 new cases every day in France, 21,000 a day in Germany and 15,000 in Italy. Currently in the UK, the rate of decline has slowed, with 18,118 people testing positive in the past week. Staycation here I come!

Lynne Cameron: I don’t think overseas travel should be allowed just now. We don’t want people bringing in more strains of the virus. They could always holiday in the UK and they really should not booking anyway until they know what is happening and have to end up changing their plans.

Sylvia Mckellar: Let's hope your not still saying that next year.

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Jamie Gordon: Do you think that we need to go abroad to catch Covid and you can't get it in your local Tesco? I think you'll find its the other way around all the other countries don't want us in.

Sturgeon backs four-natitions Covid inquiry

A four-nations inquiry into the coronavirus pandemic should begin this year, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The First Minister said she had already committed to an inquiry covering Scotland in 2021, but said a UK-wide inquiry could also look at issues affecting each nation.

Anna Mosspaul: Any inquiry, be it in Scotland, and or covering the whole of the UK should be carried out under judicial authority, with all the powers under the law, and not by MPs, or MSPs investigating themselves. We all know how reliable that would be. No limited parameters, or stones left unturned where those who were, and are in charge can hide. No redacted documents. No refusals allowed to hand over requested evidence, or documents. No scope allowed for those required to appear to give evidence, or to give their account to refuse to do so. The very least those in charge could do to honour the memory of those who have, and will die during this pandemic, and the families who have lost loved ones, is for our politicians, and the others involved, is to tell the truth, and accept full responsibility for their actions, and bear the consequences.

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John Williamson: Another chance to needlessly waste money when the answer is as simple as they took too long to act at the beginning.

Andy Hale: An inquiry will serve no purpose but to line the pockets of a number of individuals, and allow certain people to go into "we should have" mode. Deal with Covid and move the nation forward as a whole – we do not need to hear from the hindsight kings. This whole thing has cost the country dear already, move on.

Murray Fell: I think there need to be an inquiry into the amount of inquiries we seem to have to pay for.

Paul Taylor: I bet she doesn't remember anything of importance.

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Johnathan Sneddon: Sturgeon has questions to answer over care home deaths.

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