'It's a perfect location so why go elsewhere' - Readers' views on Eye Pavilion news

Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has said she wants NHS Lothian to retain the current Royal Alexandra Eye Pavilion building even though it was declared ‘not fit for purpose’ seven years ago. In a letter to Edinburgh South Labour MP Ian Murray, Ms Freeman claimed she saw a continuing role for the current building in Chalmers Street. Here’s what readers thought...

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 7:00 am
Jeane Freeman has now suggestd that the Princess Alexandria Eye Pavilion might stay open

Hannah Syme: Edinburgh’s population is 513k. West Lothian’s population is 183k. A lot of patients with visual impairment can't work or drive. How are Edinburgh patients with visual impairment supposed to access St John's? There needs to be a new ophthalmology hospital at Little France.

Alan Burnett: Why not open a new ophthalmology at St John's? How are people with visual impairment supposed to get to little France from West Lothian … oh, I forgot, they have to go to Edinburgh. It's time the townies did a bit of travelling – they want everything put in their lap.

Stephanie Hamilton: You do realise that the Eye Pavilion is not just fpr Edinburgh and West Lothian? Why should they move it to West Lothian so us “townies do a bit of travelling”? It should be central for all of the Lothians.

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Karen Black: Why move it when it is accessible for most people in Edinburgh, especially those who don’t drive.

Nancy Morrison: For the last ten years and more there has been no investment In the NHS so what exactly did everyone expect? Buildings will fall apart and equipment will become outdated.

Ken Johnston: Maybe Liberton Hospital should be converted into a new Eye Pavilion instead of student flats. The location is good, being near several bus routes and close to the bypass. And free parking – for the moment.

Allan Macdonald Meyer: If it needs a revamp get on with it. It's a perfect location so why go elsewhere. This Goverment has got a very poor record in newbuild hospitals.

Mike Scales: Much better to stick it in the middle of nowhere, with no parking, inadequate ventilation and built massively over budget. God bless the SNP.

Brian Jenkinson

One side wants to make this political for political reasons while the other side want it not to become political for political reasons. Either way, the hospital becomes a political football getting kicked around for political reasons

Steven Oliver: Make up your mind Ms Freeman. If you're not going to fund a replacement Eye Pavilion building then at least refurbish the current one.

Elizabeth McArthur: On her way out and she uses this an opportunity to actually say something that makes sense. She’s obviously had a change of medication. However, what she says and what actually happens will be a different story. This culd be another political ploy from the SNP worried about Edinburgh voters jumping ship.

Andrew Kwecka: Do not worry, you will have pedestrians-only George Street, a no-car city centre and other useless projects instead, plus some new hotels and student accomondation.

Alun Thomas: Considering she is jumping ship, at May's elections, what's the point of her making these comments now? The failure of the hospitals built under her watch will be her legacy.

Frank Power: Knock it down – it’s a 1960s eyesore. Rebuild where it is andmove across the road temporarily to where the blood donor centre. That’s another eyesore that needs rebuilding too.