'It’s crazy that you can't have a drink with a meal' - Readers' comments

From Monday restaurants and pubs will reopen again, but they can only serve alcohol outside. Edinburgh chef and restaurateur Tom Kitchin has said, "Enough is enough... please let us open without the alcohol restrictions." So what do readers think about the new rules?
You’ll be able to enjoy a drink again from Monday – as long as you are sitting outsideYou’ll be able to enjoy a drink again from Monday – as long as you are sitting outside
You’ll be able to enjoy a drink again from Monday – as long as you are sitting outside

Jacq Stewart: Probably for the best, if I'm honest. We could use a detox.

Irene Winton: What about pubs with no outside space, they will be losing a lot of money still. It’s crazy that you can't have a drink with a meal. There are too many stupid rules.

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Jane Maul: Just ludicrous. Poor restaurateurs. How can they make ends meet if they cannot sell alcohol to their patrons? It just does not make sense.

Paul Main: Ridiculous, stupid, not following the science. A potential nail in the coffin for lots of businesses. Just ask all the chefs in Scotland.

Julie Wilkie: I don’t understand why they are doing this for restaurants. Most people will go for a meal and only spend a couple of hours there and have a few drinks. In beer gardens folk will spend all day drinking on an empty heid, be absolutely plastered, and still have to go inside and walk past the non-drinkers inside the pub to go to the loo, forget to put their mask on, social distance etc.

Mark Watt: Distancing plus no wine sales. What’s the point of the restaurants opening? They won’t be able to make money. They might as well stay shut and on furlough. But I guess that is why the government have done it. It’s worse than pathetic.

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Sandra Farrar: It’s totally stupid. The hospitality sector has suffered enough and been blamed for spreading the virus when not even open. It’s time to let people start enjoying their meals with an alcoholic drink.

William Henderson: I think if you’re sitting down to a meal, whether in a restaurant or a pub, you should be able to have a pint, a nip or a glass of wine if you want. Once eating is finished, then you go outside. A time limit could maybe apply for being inside. And you always have the option of if you don’t like it, don’t go.

Elaine Logan: I think there will be a lot of ladies taking their biggest handbags out with them! It’s ridiculous, grown adults not being able to have a drink with a meal. It’s a restaurant, not a crowded rave.

Andy Hislop: It’s just a way for them to try control our "drink" culture. They'll be praying for a wet summer.

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James Tierney: The government’s crazy restrictions bring pubs close to bankruptcy, create an inevitable queue outside them and then expect the pubs to police the queues which they, the government ministers, have caused.

Lizz Rennie: Stop stirring. They have the same outdoor rule in place in hospitality in England – alcohol outdoors only, but no opening indoors at all until 17 May. Wales reopens hospitality on the 26th, with the same outdoor rule – alcohol outdoors only, but no indoors opening until 17 May. Northern Ireland is reopening hospitality on 30 April, with the same outdoor rule – alcohol outdoors only, but no indoors at all until 24 May. In Scotland it’s alcohol outdoors only on the 26th, the only difference is they have chosen to allow premises to open indoors at the same time, albeit with restrictions. Then like Wales and England alcohol indoors on the 17 May.

Scotty Malotty: So Tom Kitchin’s saying, “That’s not good enough...We demand alcohol...We demand alcohol.” Well Tom, if you don’t like the three-week early opening period just stay shut until 17 May like England.

Steven Marshall: It makes about as much sense as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Rollermania as Les McKeown dies

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Fans were keen to pay tribute to Bay City Roller Les McKeown, who died suddenly at the age of just 65 this week.

Liz Kirk: I saw him in Glasgow a few years ago and it was a fabulous night. He looked like he was thoroughly enjoying every minute of being on stage and I so enjoyed it! So sad to hear this news.

Sheila Wilson: My daughter bought me tickets to see him again in Glasgow this coming September. as my Christmas present last year. So sad it's not going to happen. He was a massive part of my teenage years and I’m still a fan 47 years later.

Sandra Lockhart: He was my first crush when I was ten

Sandra U: My teenage heart – and, no doubt, that of countless others – is truly broken.​​​​​​

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