Janey Godley cancels shows after cancer diagnosis - your views online

Scottish comedian Janey Godley has announced she is in hospital with ovarian cancer and has cancelled final tour dates in Edinburgh and Musselburgh

Julie Wilson

Not a big fan of her work, but my thoughts are very much wishing her the best outcome/recovery in this horrible situation.

Mandy Shepherd

What a shame, she seems like a lovely woman, hope she can fight this and keep her good humour

Robert Smith

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Never liked your humour but really sorry to hear that you are seriously ill. Hope you make a complete recovery.

Elaine McRae

Thankyou for getting us through lockdown Janey with your humour. I laughed and laughed when we all could have cried and cried. You can do this. We are all behind you now. You are allowed to cry though as well.

Florence Dunnett

I love your humour and sorry to hear you are I'll. Take care and hope to see you soon. You always make me laugh

Helena Reid

Get well soon Janey – keep being strong like you always are.

Sheila Herriot

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Love your humour Janey, so sorry to hear your diagnosis, wishing you all the best outcome /recovery in the world and may God give you the strength to fight this all the way to good health again.

Dawn Anderson

You can beat this! Be strong! You have to keep us all smiling with your brilliant videos.

Angela Hood

Get better soon. You made me laugh so many times and kept me sane during lockdown.

Marie Mcelroy

Get well soon. We had the pleasure of being at your show at Eastwood Theatre - laughed so much, great show. You get well soon, take care to you and your family.

Elaine Ferguson

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Oh, that’s not good to hear. UR my cup of tea with your down-to-earth humour. Wishing you all the best in your treatment and may you be back to good health and on your tours again ASAP. Take care lovely lady.

Pizza wars

Shoppers fight over discount food - with one woman hit with a pizza in scuffle as they battled over reduced items in an Asda store

Sebastian Wø

Glad I’m vegan. No one touches reduced vegan food.

Gavin Whigham

Heartbreaking that people feel the need to fight to eat.

Karen Finlay

When I worked in Tesco the same crowd of people came in night after night looking for the reduced food items, they would fight over it all the time, it got so bad the staff had to empty the reduced cabinets into a trolly take it into the back shop and further reduce it to stop being caught in the scuffle.

Lisa Collins

Initially this made me laugh that people would fight over reduced food. Then reality hit me... this is actually very sad that people are having to fight over reduced food! Be it because they might not be able to afford the food at normal price or they just really love a bargain. Either way, it's sad.

Roy Miller Cummings

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I remember seeing this in Scotland when I was on a visit. Couldn't believe it. People gathering at a point in the store where they knew the items were coming out to be sold at reduced prices. So thankful that I have never ever been in that position.

Leanne Innes

They've done this for years . I worked for Safeway 22 years ago and it happened then. Christmas will be the same.

John Hamilton

It’s like chucking scraps to beggars. But let's just turn a blind eye to it because its not on your doorstep. And by the way I've seen it happening in stores in Edinburgh. Not nice viewing.

Jo Reynolds

It's so sad that it's coming to a point where people feel the need to fight over reduced food.

Kaz Baxter

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Heartbreaking that people are fighting for reduced food. But this is what it's coming to when that's all people can afford now.

Henry Campbell Gillan

Welcome to Johnson and Farage's Brexit Britain. It can only get worse.

Jon Sakura

Is this shocking footage from one of the richest county in the world? No way! I would expect a much better standard of life after Brexit.

Elli McVay

Maybe if the government helped more people living in poverty then people wouldn’t be having to argue over discounted food in the first place.

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