Janey Godley's hurtful tweets were 'completely unacceptable' says Nicola Sturgeon but apology was 'dignified'- your views online

"Janey Godley apologised for causing offence. I think every single person has offended someone though their lives.”

Janey Godley

Hurtful tweets were 'completely unacceptable' says Nicola Sturgeon but apology was 'dignified'

Karen Du Plessis

Janey should have known this would happen...she used to “ tell fortunes” in Glasgow.

Iain Fairbairn

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Surely she should be arrested, as it’s a hate crime under the new laws set up by the SNP.

Joan Orr

Janey Godley's response was an absolute model of how to apologise and take responsibility. Virtually every other politician or celebrity who waffles non-apologies about "if offence was taken" could learn from how she's conducted herself. So, yes, she said some stupid and racist things over a decade ago, and now people who hate her for the causes she supports today are delighted to dig up the muck. Let's hope they can act with as much dignity and honour if it ever comes out that they did anything wrong in the last ten or 20 years!

Stephen Wilson

Outspoken? Trying too hard to be funny! Doesn’t work.

Graham Allison

I think when I was young I made a joke about Asian people or whatever, maybe more than once. Do I need to apologise publicly or should I expect the moral high ground police round at my door with pitchforks and torches?

Lee-Ann Mclaren

I wonder if she will do a voiceover of Nicola saying this.

Tricia Wootten

Wow, the hypocrisy of Scottish Conservative MSP Russell Findlay yet again. He’s completely right in points that some tweets were unacceptable, but look no further than his vile boss for unacceptable and racist remarks throughout his entire public life.

Elayne Young

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Janey Godley apologised for causing offence. I think every single person has offended someone though their lives. Doesn't make it right but she has owned up and apologised and taken the flak for the comments. The current culture pillories people for remarks made in different times. I'm not saying it is ever acceptable or defending it.

Elizabeth Summerfield

“It’s starting to look like nationalist and SNP supporters get special treatment from this government," said MSP Russell Findlay. Is this fool saying Tory voters don't get special treatment from Wastemonster?

James Brydon

Can Nicola open a school for everyone to talk like Janey Godley?

Stuart Carr

Nicola Sturgeon is only saying that because Godley is an SNP supporter and a friend of hers. If a member of another party or someone who supported another party said those things, she’d want their heads.

Gary Daly

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So as long as you apologise with dignity you can do what you like. There’s a great regime there! What happened to being deeply offended?

Donald Kilgour

Some opposition politicians in Holyrood have been binned by their parties in the past for virtually the same thing. Maybe some of you will remember?

Oliver James Leonard

The tweets were made 10 years ago what a massive overreaction.

Kaz Baxter

She's not funny. And on her page if someone disagrees with her, she's downright nasty and blocks the person before they can comment on what she wrote.

Tricia Mclean

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Everyone who seems to come into the limelight gets their lives scrutinised from when they were young and not so sensible. It was different times and I have certainly said and done things I’m not proud of, but have grown up enough to forgive myself. Janey has kept us all entertained during Covid, so I hope she gets a break.

Chris Hillen

Och, they got her! She was too popular so they had to dig up something on her.

Harry Wall

Thank you from removing her. She made me cringe with her accent. No wonder people from other countries think we are backward.

Amber Carr

That 'apology' is really too little too late. Awful person.

Robert Hogg

Stop making a fool of people Janey, give it rest now.

Janice Stienlet

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Kind of think the media are jumping on the bandwagon. I can think of a number of English comedians who have said similar comments. I am no supporter of foul language or racist comments, but surely this is now being used for a different agenda.

James Brydon

Janey Godley for equalities minister!

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