Jason Leitch says wearing face masks is a 'selfless act' that should stay in place - your views online

Jason LeitchJason Leitch
Jason Leitch
"I expect most people will do a combination of both depending on the situation they find themselves in”

Covid Scotland

Jason Leitch says wearing face masks is a 'selfless act' that should stay in place as the delta variant continues to spread

Jacqueline Calder

I agree they should stay. The UK government is moving too fast lifting restrictions when infection rates are so high. People are still getting very ill and if too many get ill at the same time and need hospital care the NHS could be overwhelmed again very fast. We've not even had the full "consequences" of supporters who have travelled for the football yet! What might they bring with them?

Sharon Dempsey

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Wear if you want or don’t. I expect most people will do a combination of both depending on the situation they find themselves in.

Ally Middleton

Only way this will change is if people ignore all restrictions. My mask will be going in the bin on July 19.

Peter Currie

They should stay even after Covid, tbh! If I had a cold and wanted to go on a bus or train I absolutely should be expected not to spread my cold to others.

Patricia Anderson

I'll still be wearing a mask.

Paul Taylor

Not for me. I follow the science. (isn't that the phrase?) Scientists and doctors have been telling us for years that these types of mask do nothing to half the spread viruses. The lockdowns and social distancing were the initial cause of bringing the numbers down. Now the vaccine is stopping people from becoming seriously ill and dying in significant numbers. Masks? A politician's action so they can pretend to be pro-active.

Morris Kessler

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The science on the efficacy of masks is inconclusive. Mask wearing was introduced at a time when cases were at their lowest. Why? Because the behavioural psycologists who advise SAGE knew it would be good way to remind people that there is a pandemic, and to keep the fear going among the public. It's all a sham.

Isabella Clark

Wait till you all have respiratory problems with all the fibres your lungs have taken in and can't get rid of. You’ll be suing the governmen,t just like with asbestosis.

Princes Street

What is future for Edinburgh's Princes Street now the new £1 billion St James Quarter is up and running?

Dean Thomson

Princes Street has had its day as Edinburgh’s main shopping venue. We have shopping centres on every side of the city that cater for our needs and the parking is free. Back in its heyday of the 80,90s and early 00s the street was thriving with at least 70,000 people shopping there on a Saturday. You’d be lucky if you got half that number now or pre-lockdown.

Allan Brooks

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This al fresco thinking is all very well, but some people seem to be under the mistaken belief that Edinburgh enjoys the same sort of climate as Seville or Rome.

Jon Clark

If the council believe that Princes Street and George Street will work as their “al fresco dining and cafe culture paradise” with charming retail boutiques visited by happy smiling cyclists they are in for a shock. Yesterday’s rain and the flooding caused by it and their lack of drainage maintenance is being brushed aside as “nothing to do with them”, as usual. Fact is that unless the council hugely reduce their non-domestic rate take on Princes Street, then it will now just die in a slow and depressing decline

Anna Scaletchi

I would like to see the shops on George Street move to Princess Street and more cafes and restaurants on George Street with outdoor seating.

David Storie

Final nail in the coffin for Princes Street, it will end up with budget hotels, bars and tat shops ... oh wait, that's happening already.

Ross Nicholson

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I don’t shop in Edinburgh now. Once you get through five sets of roadworks, it takes 20 minutes to find a parking space. Then costs about £3 for an hour or so. Plus, one of our cars is a 2015 diesel, which has now been banned from the town, thanks to the council. I’d rather go to Fort Kinnaird/Straiton/The Gyle.

Sharon Hunter

Princes Street will end up pedestrianised, all bars/restaurants/hotels for the tourists.

Calum Fash Stewart

What a reversal. The old St James Centre had Poundland, Sports Direct etc - now on Princes Street; and the calibre of shops Princes Street used to attract has moved to the St James Centre. Well, there you have it.

Scott Forster

Princes Street will be abandoned by shops.

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