Josh Taylor boxing verdict - your views on line

Josh Taylor v Jack Catterall scoring referred to police by the House of Commons Speaker
Josh Taylor (left) is declared the victor over Jack Catterall following the world super-lightweight title fight at the OVO Hydro on February 26.  (Photo by Paul Devlin / SNS Group)Josh Taylor (left) is declared the victor over Jack Catterall following the world super-lightweight title fight at the OVO Hydro on February 26.  (Photo by Paul Devlin / SNS Group)
Josh Taylor (left) is declared the victor over Jack Catterall following the world super-lightweight title fight at the OVO Hydro on February 26. (Photo by Paul Devlin / SNS Group)

Frank Vernor

Ridiculous from Lindsay Hoyle - bringing his own role as Speaker into disrepute. "He believes" there may have been something untoward going on, but provides no basis for this belief. And he thinks that warrants writing to the police, who will now waste time responding to him seriously, purely because of his professional role in parliament, when a normal citizen would simply be told to jog on by the plod. He needs to take a look at himself.

Gary Mcmanus

Well it was robbery and last time I looked that's still a criminal offence.

Pete Stewart

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Josh Taylor hasn't broken the law. Boris and his colleagues have. Get a grip!

Judith Barron

Ha ha. Regardless of you views on this fight, surely Mr Hoyle has more relevant and pressing issues of national security and worries about Westminster protocol violations to concern himself with. They certainly bring our nations into disrepute.

Vanessa Taylor

Perhaps he could apply the same standards to calling out Boris Johnson for continually lying to the House of Commons!

John Mcnicoll

Says it all in first paragraph. He’s MP for Jack’s home town. Plus a wee bet lost I think.

Gary Clark

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All because the Speaker of the House of Commons comes from the same area as Jack Catterall. This is not a police matter. Absolute joke!

Gary Mccuaig

Get over it. Josh got the result, end of, but as per usual the media can’t handle a decision going the way of a Scottish fighter. If it was the other way about it would be well hushed up by now.

Sharon Carr

Police? I still think it was the wrong decision by far, but drop it or have a re-match – simple!

Kenny Dickson

Absolutely ridiculous. Josh didn’t make the decision whether it was right or wrong, that’s why judges are there to call it as they see it.

Lorraine McFadyen

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Laughable. How many football matches should be “referred to the police over scoring?” What a joke of a nation we live in. Surely this is an April fool or something? I don’t believe Josh did win but he “did”. Move on.

Anthony Newlands

With what’s going on in the world just now and this result getting a mention is an absolute disgrace. In Ukraine we have a six-year-old girl singing Let It Go in a bomb shelter and here we have a professional boxer having a breakdown because he felt he won! He will get his rematch and given the chance to reverse the controverisal result in the future – what’s the young girls future?

Andy Scott

There are more important things in life than a boxing match. The right honourable member behind this is, indeed, a right honourable member.

Marjorie Benn

I hope the police tell him where to go! Utter waste of time and taxpayers money!

John Witherspoon

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Such a shame they didn't get the police involved when they were having multiple parties!

Veronica Davidson

I have no words, the madness in this world gets worse by the minute.

Grace Scott

The country's in the worst state ever, this government is the most corrupt ever and this is what the Speaker of the House of Commons feels should be addressed!

Jennifer Charlton

How is this a criminal offence? While people died without their family by their side they were partying, yet we’ve heard no more about it and no one has been held accountable while we pay their salaries. This is nothing to do with the police. The government give no funding to the sport and turned their backs on clubs who help kids get off the streets during lockdown - absolute clowns.

Raymond Lennox

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So the police will look into a professional sanctioned boxing match but not into illegal gatherings at Downing Street! I know they are being investigated now, but initially the police said they wouldn't.

David Gow

Pity the Speaker didn't take more action in the ongoing disaster of disrepute within the House of Commons on a daily basis, he would have more credibility then!

Janette Feggans

He would be better to heed his day job, which he needs to improve.

Brenda Baxter

Get a grip - we are facing world war and the Commons gets involved in this!

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