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“Throughout her life, Her Majesty The Queen – my beloved mother – was an inspiration and example to me and to all my family"

Susan Davidson Garriock

Beautiful speech, King Charles. It will be very hard for you and your family to cope with all the sadness you are going through. But your speech you did for your mama would have made her proud. She was a beautiful queen whom we all are going to miss. I for one will never forget her. Wonderful lady. God bless.

Helen Moffat

Beautiful speech, God save our King.

Maureen Browne

A very heartfelt and profound speech from Charles about his dear mama, not only about her life long service and duty to our country and beyond but also expressing the deep love and respect he and all the family held for his mother.

Anne Bleazard

Beautiful - sobbed my heart out.

Jacqueline Ramsay

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Beautiful speech HRH King Charles III. Tears in my eyes. Well done, keep the faith and continuity you have been trained for, make your mum so proud, It’s now your time to shine.

Rhiannon Underwood

Lovely speech King Charles. Not an easy thing to do the day after losing your mother, very sophisticated and moving.

Edinburgh protest

A woman has been arrested after a protester was seen holding an anti-monarchist sign during the proclamation of the new King in Edinburgh

Arlene Frater

Not the time nor the place. She is someone’s mum, grandmother.

Andrea Davies

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Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, not everyone believes in the Royal family.

Alan Morton

Is it distasteful? Yes, probably. Should she have been arrested for it? Absolutely not.

Jo Reynolds

I'm not a royalist but there's a time and place and this certainly wasn't it. Extremely disrespectful.

Eileen Macintosh

This was not the time or place to protest. I’m sure the police will release her without charge. If you don’t respect the Royals then you shouldn’t have attended. This was about mourning the loss of a loved one, not just our queen.

Colette Davey

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The world has eyes on us. Leave political opinions and royalist bashing until after our mourning has finished. Someone lost a family member, the country lost their rose, and all some can do is think of money, protesting and politics. Disgusting.

Gavin Jarvie

The eyes of the world are on us. Do not mess it up and disgrace our country Scotland, give the queen a respectful send off.

Lynne Bond

I’m not a royalist, but at the end of the day it's someone's mum, gran, great grandmother. Respect where it's due

Bobby Carlin

I agree with freedom of speech but this is a funeral. Disrespectful time and place, eh, come on.

Sandra Adams

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Come on folks. The Scottish people are known around the world for their warmth and friendliness. The whole world is watching, let’s show some respect.

Lynne Robertson

Don’t need to be into royals ! It’s about respect

Sean Odonnell

It's a pointless task. Where does it get you? Handcuffs and a night in cells with probably a fine.

Lauren Whitelaw

Absolutely disgusting! Freedom of speech and right to protest, yes, but this was not the time nor the place. Have some respect.


Livingston - 45 workers made redundant as construction firm goes into administration

Peter Gough

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It’s unfortunate, but so many places have shut down over the years in Livingston. Not just this place.Then you see new factories popping up. It’s depressing because you know once the leases on these places run out, it’s the norm to shut them down, leaving employees in limbo. I speak from experience. How many empty shells are standing in Livingston? Disgraceful.

Arthur JC

I worked as a client with them a decade ago. I hope that Greg is okay. He was a good guy.

Fiona Blincow

So sad, Livingston used to thrive. I went through Kirkton Campus business park today, such a sad state.

Norman Graham

This is only the start, this chaos will put many people out of work and companies will collapse.

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