Labour targets Scotland votes - your views online

Labour party cannot form a majority government without winning back seats in Scotland at next UK general election, Scottish Fabians report finds

Robert Gilchrist

But not the Tories, of course. Oh no. The English National party can do what it likes and Labour up here will work as their handy enablers and minions. Joined at the hip politically they are.

Devon Longstone

There are 533 MPs in England alone and only 59 in Scotland. To form a majority government in Westminster you need 326 MPs or more. It’s one of the main reasons independence is so popular due to this massive democracy deficit.

Wayne Morris

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Despite the X per cent of separatists voting for indy parties come what may, many will realise there’s no economic benefit to independence, so will switch to Labour. I’m fine with that.

Paula Ryans

All of Scotland could vote Labour and it wouldn't change things because England would also need to vote for them. Look how many times in history Scotland hasn't had the UK government it voted for despite voting red. Wouldn't want to upset their Tory pals by saying that though.

Paul Cuthbert

Labour needs to go back to being an actual Labourparty for the working man and woman. No matter what party it is these days, they are all just greedy Eton-educated and speak for no one except the rich to benefit themselves.

Marcus Hamilton

Labour party was born from workers who came back from the wars and looked after workers’ rights. Grassroots gone when in bed with the Tories. Simple.

Kevin Greenan

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They can if they admit that the Scottish seats are out of bounds and go for middle England. The Tories have done this since Thatcher and still they don't need seats outside England to get into power.

Rosie Margaret Owens

Anas Sarwar is effectively a red Tory prepared to do deals with tartan Tories. He is a capitalist and a democracy denier. Labour is dead as is the union. Full stop. Total hypocrite celebrating India's right to self determination but not Scotland's, despite successive democratic mandates at wastemonster and Holyrood.

Childhood memories

What meals remind you of childhood?

Valerie Gordon

I have a few - stovies, liver & onions, tatties & mince (with homemade dumplings), corned beef hash; ham, chips, beans & beetroot; baked rice pudding; my granny’s rhubarb crumble. I could go on and on . . .

Jill Miller

Bag of chippy chips with brown sauce after a swim.

Bobby Carlin

Findus crispy pancakes, Grant’s mince & peas, stovies.

Norma Gearty

My mother’s home made tattie soup.

Doreen Swan

Irish stew, with potatoes. Made by my mum.

Ruth Ramsay

My gran’s clootie dumpling - it had silver threepenny bits wrapped in greaseproof paper inside.

Alex Salmean

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Stewed sausages in a rich onion gravy with buttery mash. Get in!

Stevie Blackie

Chips done in chip pan with corned beef and beans, followed by butterscotch Angel Delight.

Chris Tunnah

Lentil soup with ham ribs, mince and tatties; rice pudding with raspberry jam on top to finish.

Lana Mcneish

Bernard Mathews roast; Findus crispy pancakes; Marshals macaroni.

Sandra Mcintosh

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Stovies, haggis, tatties and neeps. If tatties and neeps were left we got them fried together for supper.

Sandra Ronald

Corned beef, chips and spaghetti hoops.

Nige Gethin Edwards

Ham, fried egg and chips on a Saturday. The best!

Pauline Stewart Greig

Tatties and mince, pineapple upside down cake.

Andy Barrie

Turkey drummers,chips and beans.

Pab Roberts

Sukhi Aloo, Gujarati carrot salad and homemade chapati; I wish I could cook as well as my dad could.

Daniel Wrap-Spliffe

Bernard Matthews. mini kievs, cheese hamwiches, French bread pizzas, and toast toppers.

Andy Gibson

My granny’s breadcrumbed fried fish and HP fruity sauce every Friday lunchtime.


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