Landmark Fettes police HQ set to be sold off and razed for housing - your views online

"No doubt it will be extortionately priced private housing rather than affordable rents for the thousands waiting on the council housing list!”

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 7:00 am
The former police headquarters at Fettes could be sold this year.

Fettes housing

Landmark Fettes police HQ set to be sold off and razed for housing

Leigh McAvinchey

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Expensive, overpriced town houses, no doubt, that nobody on a regular income can afford. Could always build affordable housing but doubt that would fit with Fettes budget plans.

Ken Johnston

So when does Edinburgh give up its right to be the Scottish capital? SNP, Police Scotland, Fire Service have all given up on the city in preference to Glasgow. Why?

Kirsty Leslie

Much needed homes! Where are all these people meant to park, parking is awful up there?

Christine Wood

It's an ugly building, hopefully the new houses will be more aesthetically designed.

Ricky Markham

Will watch with keen interest to see if any social housing and associated services are incorporated in the plan. I read that Social Bite are looking to build more villages to lift people out of homelessness. An ideal location at Fettes, if ever I did see one. A new doctors surgery, pharmacy, clinics and rehabilitation centre to help addicts on to the right path and away from essential services.

Frank Wales

This was built with taxpayers money that they won’t see again. These houses are going to be out of reach of people who want to buy as it's in a rich area. Police Scotland is getting smaller everyday and crime is rising, smaller forces and fewer stations and for what – student accommodation? Let us know the price being paid for this prime spot; we have a right to know, it’s ours, the taxpayers.

Jacqueline Calder

Don't even have to read the article to know that it won't be social housing!

Graeme McLachlan

"Under-utilised, inefficient, ageing, in poor condition” and requiring “significant maintenance”. That could easily describe Police Scotland itself.

Mickey York

At least they're not planning another hotel.

John Davies

No doubt it will be extortionately priced private housing rather than affordable rents for the thousands waiting on the council housing list!

Greyson Dall

Families and others are living in hostels for up to 18 months or longer due to the chronic shortage of affordable social housing. Yet all we see is building sites all over the city for yet more student flats or privately owned houses at astronomical prices.

Margaret Allan

So where do police officers go and civilian staff?

Sarah L MacPhail

Aaaaw, I loved seeing the police dogs training and the horses.

Alexandra Wallace

That's been on the cards for a long time.

Claire A A Eadie

And it won't be social housing that goes in, it will be expensive flats and houses to enhance the Stockbridge set.

Daniel Hunter

OK, so this is Police Scotland HQ. Where are they gonna move to, or are they building a new station? I think people forget this building had roads policing, public order, dog units and armed response including counter terrorism team and other police staff.

Angela Mcdermott

More affordable housing in Stockbridge. I’m sure the pricing of the homes will have the Waitrose effect.

Elizabeth McArthur

Another piece of Edinburgh’s history bulldozed into oblivion.

David Gray

And another brutalist building bites the dust.

Rita Brett

More rented houses would be good, not many folk can afford to buy a house and there are lots of houses for sale popping up near me.

Alexander Vickers

This would make a perfect site for the new Eye Pavilion.

Thommo Crag

I thought Fettes College actually owned the land and the police only leased it from them.

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Kyle Danko

We don't need a task force, just properly fund the police and hold parents accountable for their kids’ behaviour.

Robert Mcneill

So what are the options? It’s clear we live in a broken society when individuals carry out such callous acts. It’s clear that these individuals are out of control. It’s up to parents to ensure they control their children and if they cannot, they should be the ones held responsible for the damage caused.