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NHS Lothian blasted after nearly 26,000 NHS workers faced Christmas panic as wages were not paid in time.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 27th December 2021, 7:00 am

Tracy Dunleavy Neri

I worked with the NHS for 12 years and I had my wages wrong on numerous occasions. It’s time there was an investigation into what goes on in there. This is the main reason I left the NHS, it’s disgraceful… underpaid, overpaid, paid late, then continually paying money back for their mistakes!

Marina-Jane Juel-Beer

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How can this keep on happening? Lothian is not the first health authority in Scotland that has done this, surely lessons should have been learnt.

Catriona Mclay

It’s a kick in the teeth NHS staff not getting a break, not getting to leave when their shift ends as there is no staff to take over from them.

Caroline Hamilton

They said if you needed help financially to call and maybe get advance payment. Well, if they can do that, how come they can't get their wages? Its a joke. For years they have been doing it and now it’s an “error” right!

Gail Barrie

This is so wrong. These NHS workers have put their lives and families on the line for two years now. They put up with abuse and aggressive patients and they can't even get paid when they are meant to be. Shame on whoever’s fault it was. Thank you all front line workers.

Ashley Campbell

This is absolute rubbish! We are actually not meant to get paid till next week so why would we be furious? Most NHS workers had to get Xmas presents bought and wrapped as we’re working right up, so no need to have wages for gifts the day or two days before, then we will all moan after the year when it’s like a five-week month and we’re all skint.

June Campbell

It was a day later than expected. Yes, it was a worry, but it’s sorted.

Katie Trio

Paid. And a fund in place for some who face financial hardship. Which is more than I can say for others outwith NHS who have maybe different situations, eg not being paid wages / legal entitlements such as stutory sick pay, etc.

Lorraine McFadyen

As someone who has worked in finance for 29 years in two well-known organisations I can confirm that this is an easy mistake to make. I for one caused 1900 teaching staff to be paid late many moons ago. It’s known as human error! I think lots of folk get paid “early” in December, so hopefully not too many people are “out of pocket”, re charges etc. This is probably more common than people realise.

Leigh Millar

They are actually being paid one week early as normally it's the last Thursday of month.

Christine Burns

Again! It happened last year.

Kate Dalessio

I bet the politicians got their’s on time, though.

Hazel Thompson

It's part of the plan to imply the NHS are useless, result being the Tories want you to feel that privatising is the best way forward.

Loli Lew

I can’t believe the lack of empathy and loyalty here! The way some folk are talking it’s like it’s our fault we are paid differently in December! Do these people realise that some months we have to wait five weeks between pay days? How our unsocial hours are always a month behind? Clearly people forget that we are shift workers and don’t have the luxury of “popping to the shops after work” because they’re closed.

Dry January

An estimated 7.9 million UK adults who drink alcohol are planning to have a month off drinking for January 2022

Chris Poon

If you are quitting for health for good ,all the power to ye, but otherwise isn't it just an extra punch to the guts to hospitality for what amounts to a flimsy new year resolution?

Margaret Gillies

Alcohol free January! Are you kidding? Drink is the only thing keeping me sane.

Bryan Wood

Or don’t, and help save hospitality.

Brian Baxter

Nah I've been drinking since I was 15 and I'm 79 now so you can count me out!

Chick Macdonald

What a daft idea. The hospitality venues are at breaking point, do you want to finish them completely?

Dava Mac

The hospitality industry have had a hard enough time. Why not give this a miss this year?

James Rodgers

The next jab, just make it arsenic, there is nothing left to live for.