Leith has jumped 20 places in the three years since world travel magazine Time Out ranked it as the 24th coolest neighbourhood in the world - your views online

Leith ranked fourth in world's 50 coolest neighbourhood rankings for 2021 by Time Out

Friday, 8th October 2021, 7:00 am
The colours bounce off the water at The Shore in Leith.

Ella Sanderson Veldre

Well done Leith! I worked in Leith for nine years from age 16 to 25. Happy memories. Great little shops in the Kirkgate, the Eldorado ballroom, the great people. I walked from the bottom of Easter Road, to Bath Street through Leith Links twice a day in all sorts of weather.… Now, I read Leith is the fourth best place to be in the world. This should have been recognised before now – I knew 70 years ago. Happy days working at Heinz 57 Varieties.

Viene V Vauxvon

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We had an impromptu overnight stay in Leith a couple weekends ago. As we got off the bus we saw a Ned puke his Irn Bru and punch a sign. A swift soulless walk past the dug-up street to look at stagnant ships and we decided to spend a night as we couldn’t face the train delays back to G1. Used to live on Restalrig 18 years ago.

Anne-Marie Conlong

Come on down to the Leith that is NOT The Shore and see what it's really like!

Caroline Crawford

Really? I live here; it’s cool but there are definitely ‘cooler’ places in the world.

Rob Brown

Much as I like Leith, especially on a warm sunny evening with so much buzz, it is a dead port, no movement of boats to enjoy and rapidly becoming stagnant, muddy and shallow. All because of the lock gates out to sea.

Elayne Young

It’s gone a bit upmarket since all the hipsters and affluent folk have outpriced the real Leithers, the ones there for several generations etc. Classic tale of regeneration. Wonder how they would have liked Leith of old.

Cheryl Phillips

I think they mean cold.

Phillipa Claire Morris

I landed in Leith. Best place to be for diversity, rawness, community, food, street art and the pervasive smell of weed. I love it here!

Toby Taylor

I lived in Leith on two occasions in the mid-seventies and early eighties - hated it.

Debbie Irving

Changed days. When I was a kid the seagulls had knives!

Jim McDowall

Think they might have meant coldest!

Lulu Darling McCowan

Thirty years ago the ladies of the night were trawling the streets!

Lynn Bye

Brilliant! Who’d have thought?

George Robertson

Leith, not Edinburgh. The people’s republic of Leith.

Ed Rumbles

Eh, sorry - even though I live in Edinburgh I can't swallow that.

Daniel Cranmer

Ask the people who live there and the businesses.

Children’s rights

The SNP has been accused of “playing nationalist games” with children’s rights by the Scottish Conservatives as a constitutional row erupted following a court defeat for the Scottish government.

Graham Rankin

Given that no-one in Holyrood challenged this bill, there is no knowledge among them of the constitutional set up and no skill in constitutional law. Third rate politicians in a third rate administration backed by third rate advisors and civil servants. Close this costly monstrosity down now as it is a huge drain on Scotland's economy.

Keith Tait

The SNP have been playing political games since day one and only got worse since gaining power. The games will never stop until the people stop allowing these games to be played.

Fraser McCabe

The Tories voted for this in the Scottish Parliament. Absolutely shameful. I'm sure there will be a way to have this work, given that it was democratically voted for in the chamber.

Margaret Heinsar

Tories voted for the bill before the election with the pretence of having children's best interest at heart. All change now elections are over. I call them CC - contemptible conservatives.

Scott Davie

With simple amendments, the bill can be compliant within devolved legislation, yet the bill was allowed to go forward testing devolved legislation. This was a dry run to test whether a referendum could take place without permission of the UK government, ie a challenge against the current devolved legislation. The SNP is not fooling anyone.

Lizz Rennie

The Scottish Conservatives voted for its approval, along with the other political parties. The Scottish Conservatives knew fine well what was in the Bill. Hypocrites.