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MSP calls for rethink of ban on turning left into London Road – Edinburgh council claims ban needed to avoid congestion holding up trams

Paul Heron

Whoever is making these decisions hasn't got a clue what they're doing. They need to go out and experience the roads and the detours.

Alex Weir

I suspect what’s coming when the ‘extension’ finally starts running will be a total ban on cars and buses on Leith Walk so as to remove all competition to the wondertram. It will, of course, be a massive failure as with everything this joke council does.

John McGillivray

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My garage is near the bottom of Leith Walk in Gordon Street and is now one way coming from Easter Road. Parking permits and restrictions have already been approved. We went to a meeting with council representatives only to find out that the people who designed and decided the lay out were a company from London who had no idea there were business premises in this street. So if it’s anything like this you will probably find whoever is making the decisions has no idea of the impact it is having and is probably not the council.

Paxton Tony

I agree it does not make sense, but be aware they are going to put cameras up to catch cars turning left.

Jennifer Wilson

It's a shambles. I had to go from Pilrig all the way up Leith Walk as I couldn't turn left on any street to get to Easter Road, to then find I couldn't turn left at Elm Row on to London Road, so had to go up to the Omni, round and back down along London Road to get to Easter Road.

Tommy Wilson

People ignore it and turn left anyway, all while there is a green man at the pedestrian lights. Dangerous stuff, all caused by the CEC. Ignored, just like the 20mph zones which they are expanding; again, something that residents and visitors simply don’t want nor need.

Kyle Arnold

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When you turn left from Leith walk to London Road you don't cross the tramline, but if you have to go up and back down Picardy Place you have to cross the tramline twice. Surely that's worse.

Jonathan Hume

Yet further evidence of the council trying to force people out of their cars and into using public transport, of which they are so heavily invested.

John Smith

They refuse to reopen the ‘temporary’ closure of Waverley Bridge. They’ll listen to nobody when it comes to traffic management. But this IS what the public wants. They voted for councillors in favour of this aggressive stance towards cars and free-flowing traffic.

Mags Minty

It's such a pain and causes more congestion up the top. Makes sense for the council to let us turn left on to London Road.

Kirsty Welsh

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Not great for pedestrians either as frustrated drivers ignore the no left turn and do it anyway, which happens to be when the green man is lit. Exactly the same at the top of Broughton Street. No left turn, but they do anyway. Oh, and no left turn into Brunswick Street.

Robert Marshall

I'm glad I don't live or drive round Edinburgh anymore. It's a disaster area now for every driver. Also no place for parking. I'm an ex-courier driver and I found hard to deliver in Edinburgh.

Carlton Held

As a bus driver it's clear the CEC don't want cars in the city. It's hard enough for the buses, tbh. The bottom of Leith Walk is a joke – one tram track either side and no room for traffic to pass.

Abigail Lawson

People ignore it and turn left anyway. Everyday, green man, pedestrians crossing and cars driving through!

Gav Godfrey

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Constitution Street needs looked at. We’re all going to be driving along Water Street trying to get to the Shore. The no right or left turn is laughable.

Scott Garland

That's good, it means more mileage on cars, more pollution for the city, more fuel used, more time to travel, more stressed out people, more road rage. . . Do they not realise the best way to keep traffic flowing is the shortest route from A to B?

Stuart Spence

The roadworks all over Edinburgh at this time are the worst ever, by far. It’s truly appalling.

George Hamilton

The council are trying their hardest to clog the city up as much as possible to get the congestion charge in.

Nicky Millar

One thing I don't miss about Edinburgh. CEC are a disgrace!

Caroline Smart

What a stupid design!

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