Letters: Fans should be travelling to final on separate trains

Scotrail managing director Steve Montgomery last week stated his company is ready to welcome thousands of extra passengers on board after creating an extra 11,000 seats for the big day.

What he did not mention was that fans of both teams will be queuing in one queue at Waverley and Haymarket to board these trains and will not be separated until they arrive at Central Station to get the trains for Kings Park and Mount Florida after having wandered round from Queen Street station, unfortunately a recipe for trouble in this day and age.

Why did ScotRail not follow the plans used for the cup semi final in 2006 between Hibs and Hearts when the Hibs fans travelled from Waverley to Kings Park and the Hearts fans went from the station at Slateford Road to Mount Florida?

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These trains worked very well on that day and I cannot understand why the same plan is not being used instead of the proposed extra trains which unfortunately could lead to trouble and therefore tarnish Edinburgh’s big day.

David Bruce, Saughton Road North, Edinburgh

Where were the trades unions?

I READ about the report into the “extremely disturbing” bullying culture in NHS Lothian (News, May 12). What were the trades unions up to?

In the past trade unions represented the interests of their members. Now it seems their focus is “partnership working”. It could be their apparent failure in NHS Lothian may mean that they need to re-evaluate their raison d’être and go back to representing their members.

If they had been more focused on that role then perhaps this bullying culture could have been addressed long before now.

K Cowan, Antigua Street, Edinburgh

Workers invest with their toil

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RIGHTS come with responsibility is a favourite call of the Cameron government. A second is strikes are wrong.

The biggest strike still going on and having disastrous consequences is the strike of the very rich and the investment companies in “the market”. They only invest if the profit return is large enough.

Although they are investing money, rights with responsibility does obviously not apply to them, whereas the majority of the population invest the whole of their working lives.

The majority of strikes by people are in the main exercising their rights and responsibility to their families in resisting efforts by employers to worsen conditions of work and pay and being made to feel guilty for doing so.

A Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

Bad habits make road users cross

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THERE is much action being taken by the authorities in dealing with bus lane violations. Quite rightly.

But why do the police not enforce the pedestrian red lights? These violators are really the main cause of many accidents.

They constantly cross where and when they like. There is no consideration for the cyclist or driver despite their maybe having a reverse role at the weekend.

All the average citizen requests is fairness towards all road and pavement users.

Colin C Maclean, Hillpark Avenue, Edinburgh

Council religious act undemocratic

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TOMORROW, at its first meeting, the newly elected Edinburgh City Council will be required by law to nominate three religious representatives to its education committee – one Church of Scotland representative, one Roman Catholic representative and one other from a range of Christian religious candidates.

Surely the law that requires this needs to be amended? Imposing non-elected religious members on the education committee seems reminiscent of theocracy in Iran.

What was the point of having elections if religious representatives are foisted on our elected members?

Citizens unhappy about these arrangements should contact their newly elected councillors to register their protest and suggest that they not make the appointments as well as seek changes to the laws to remove this undemocratic imposition.

Norman Bonney, National Secular Society