Letters: Sky’s the limit for economy if the airport is expanded

London is vying for a third runway at Heathrow Airport, supported by Alistair Darling.

Are Scotland’s bids for an international airport more important to our economy in the future? Can we do it? Yes, we can.

It took 50 years to get an escalator on Waverley Steps, so what chance the new Airbus and American Boeing aircraft bringing foreign visitors straight into Edinburgh rather than London Heathrow?

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Years ago, the old Lothian Region voted against extending the runway towards Ingliston, and also stopped Sir Jackie Stewart and associates, who had plans for huge investment for a Scottish grand prix circuit, with the potential of jobs in the motor industry.

Now, with independence on the agenda, what chance have we through our Scottish Secretary Michael Moore of having the initiative to persuade Westminster to give Scotland an extended runway and infrastructure? Or is it too late?

From an economic and business opportunity it is a timely act to improve Scotland’s jobs market.

But I fear Moore, a Lib Dem career politician on a Tory-dominated cabinet, will be preoccupied with stopping independence.

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Do readers not get fed-up flying down to London to catch another aircraft to the US, New Zealand, Australia and Dubai?

Our tourist economy would take off if direct international flights came straight into Edinburgh. Go for it Edinburgh.

Alan Robertson, Dykes Road, Penicuik, Midlothian

Begging to differ on charity cash

Although doing good may be the aim of most charity workers, the good people of Edinburgh are finding persistent collectors somewhat annoying.

My wife and I have stopped sending Christmas cards. We decided this wasteful consumerism could be put to better use by a charity of our choice. If stopped on Princes Street or elsewhere, we politely explain our decision which is always courteously accepted.

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So why would charity collectors be slowly emerging as the bane of modern life? Are we beginning to feel guilty and annoyed that as long as some have to rely on charity, unfairness and poverty will never be addressed?

If only we had a society where organisations such as Cancer Research, Help the Aged, Save the Children and many others were funded through proper taxation while obscenities and expensive irrelevancies had to rely on charity.

Then collectors could rattle their tins for Trident, the Monarchy and the next high jinks of self-absorbed party-goer Prince Harry.

Jack Fraser, Clayknowes Drive, Musselburgh

Is Prime Minister boxing clever?

DAVID Cameron has called for further benefit cuts after the next General Election. This would cause more poverty and misery.

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It seems an incredible call given the widespread opposition to the cuts now happening. But remember he is a Tory politician and they are said to be clever and cunning operators.

Why would he at this stage make such a statement? I believe he thinks he can work the odds in the next General Election by giving the Lib Dems political ammunition to oppose the cuts, figuring out the Lib Dems will gain votes in doing so, leaving the possibility of a Tory/Lib Dem hung parliament again.

I think we have to delete the word clever and leave cunning.

Dream on, Cameron.

A Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

Another law for the travellers

Protesters trying to have the “Da Vinci Code” rapist moved from his current address have set up a surveillance caravan just yards from his front door.

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They plan to place another outside the main Midlothian Council building.

A police spokesman said, “Any vehicle that is parked illegally, causes an obstruction or presents a risk to the public while on the road will be removed”. Perhaps he could explain why travellers are allowed to park illegally, but the police do nothing.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road Linlithgow

So much for the wetter forecasts

Scotland is well on course for its wettest “summer” since weather records began.

Global warming?

Alan Lough, Dunbar