Letters: Stop issuing more recycling bins than we have room for

A SECOND batch of food recycling bins has been delivered in my area, some months after the original issue.

I e-mailed the department about their error, but they ignored my complaint. Perhaps the only person qualified to answer e-mails was on some team bonding course.

Now I have not got a clue as to who thought it would be a great idea to supply an ever- increasing number of bins for various materials for recycling.

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A lot of the flats/houses in Edinburgh do not have the space for the many bins or have anywhere to store them.

So what is the point? What we certainly do not need is a doubling-up of bins and when the mistake is pointed out inaction from all concerned.

I e-mailed the council’s customer service and was told: “We try to answer all of our enquiries at the first point of contact. This has not been possible in this instance and I have asked the appropriate service area to reply to you by April 4, 2012.”

I am aware that we will have the opportunity to get rid of the current councillors in May this year but we will be stuck with well-paid fools that run the various services provided by the council. So we will be no better off then?

E Jolly, Restalrig Drive, Edinburgh

Right to act over empty houses

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EMPTY properties cost owners dear, but the cost is not from the potential increase in council tax which the Scottish Government is proposing – it lies in the loss of what the owner could be receiving from letting or selling the empty property.

There is also a community cost to empty properties. Empty homes can reduce nearby house values by as much as 18 per cent – on top of increased risk of burglary, arson or antisocial behaviour. That is why it is right for the Scottish Government to take firm action on empty property.

Graeme Brown, director, Shelter Scotland, South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh

Trump will put wind up Greens

GREEN MSP Patrick Harvie asked the Electoral Commission to investigate reports that US tycoon Donald Trump is to fund “a massive advertising campaign” against council candidates who support wind turbines.

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Mr Harvie said it was shocking that a “foreign billionaire should try to influence the local elections”.

Perhaps the Greens should instead ask why Scotland allows foreign developers, foreign turbine manufacturers, foreign engineers and mostly foreign labour to cover our landscape in foreign turbines.

The majority of our energy suppliers are foreign, so the massive turbine subsidies we pay mostly end up in foreign countries.

Developers and landowners bulldoze through their wind farm plans against local opposition which lacks the financial resources.

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The SNP government, with its unhealthy and costly desire to produce 100 per cent of our electricity from renewables by 2020, has frequently over-ruled planning officials and communities to allow inappropriate wind farms to go ahead.

Mr Trump is now going to give wind turbine objectors a fighting chance.

Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Campaign sinking to inaccuracy

GAVIN Corbett has suggested that I am standing down due to disagreements within my group (Letters, March 27).

This is totally false as it is well known that I am standing down to spend more time with my young family. Mr Corbett is well aware of both my young children, having seen them with me a fortnight ago.

It is very sad that his campaign has sunk to inaccurate statements.

Gordon Buchan, Councillor for Fountainbridge/ Craiglockhart Ward