Letters: Tram drivers can’t win by pushing for early probe

Gordon Mundie (Trams farce inquiry cannot be complete until project is, Letters, July 4) is right to say that we need a public inquiry into the trams fiasco only after the project is completed.

The project was doomed from the start and any inquiry must look into why Labour and Lib Dem politicians pushed through the tram scheme despite their business case being in tatters after the failure of congestion charging and into how TIE was set up and operated.

Labour and Lib Dems should therefore be careful what they wish for if trying to score political points through an early inquiry.

Janice Thompson, Walter Scott Avenue, Edinburgh

Use wealth for people’s benefit

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We have allowed a relatively few powerful financial organisations to control and exploit with unbelievable callousness, people, animals and the natural environment for their private profit.

These same people, having created the biggest financial mess that’s ever been seen worldwide, are now passing it on to everyone.

This “system” must be changed.

Wealth created by the work of the people must be used for the benefit of all people, we would then be able to deal with all these terrible problems.

Mr A Delahoy, Silverknowes Gardens, Edinburgh

Put a freeze on Arctic exploration

I READ a short article entitled “Greens urge Holyrood to protect Arctic” in Tuesday’s Evening News and was absolutely shocked to read that ministers are actively supporting the exploration of the Arctic using public funds. This is not what I or any other environmentally aware individual would want to endorse.

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The issue was recently brought to my attention when I came across a group of Greenpeace protesters at a Shell garage on Dalry Road. They explained to me that Shell is spearheading the move to take advantage of the melting Arctic to recklessly search for oil.

They are using the effects of climate change to drill for more oil, which will only aggravate the situation, not only damaging the Arctic, but also compounding the effects of climate change even more.

It is unbelievable that our ministers would want to help in exploiting the already damaged Arctic. They should be ashamed of such selfish and short-sighted behaviour. I hope Greenpeace can help to stop them.

David King, Westfield Court, Edinburgh

Sun doesn’t shine out of Salmond

Where would we be without letters from Alex Orr laying before us the joys and delights of living in the SNP Valhalla promised after 2014? Why doesn’t he come right out with it, and declare that we won’t even need the power from their much vaunted green energy revolution, because, from then on, the sun will shine from his dear leader’s fundament.

David Fiddimore, Nether Craigwell, Calton Road, Edinburgh