Lis Truss defends economic plan - your views online

The former PM says she wasn’t ‘given a realistic chance’ as she speaks out following a political return

Bert Scott

I don’t agree. She was and is unfit for any high office.

Donald J Makin

If I got sacked or left an employer in bad circumstances due to my incompetence then wrote a blog, I’d receive a cease and desist letter from my ex-employer and risked being sued. I'm not sure how or why Prime Ministers are allowed to do this. 4000 words saying ‘I'm right’ when she was clearly wrong in a national newspaper is a disgrace. Also to say it was the left who criticised her is factually incorrect - all those who know econ-omics said she would crash the economy. She chose to take the job and knew what she was getting into.

Frances Mckendrick

Not one bit of shame. Put her in a room with mortgage holders, they can deal with her. How much lower do we go before Tory voters wake up? We never voted her or Sunak into power.

Calum Strutt

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I notice it was an essay and not a TV interview. A total lightweight who won’t face scrutiny, even by our Tory mainstream press.

David Paul

Tbf the Tories were and are all stabbing each other in the back, so it really doesn't matter who was PM. The BoJo supporters were out in force.

Gordon Turner

She should have been locked up for the damage she has done to this country.

Ian MacLachlan

They are above the law and can do anything they want as most “media” backs them to the hilt!

Toni Tiger Lord

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In her defence it was quite impressive how she managed to plunge the pound so low it could compete with the Ugandan shilling in just 44 days. Roaster.

Ian MacLachlan

If the Tories believe in the market, they can’t complain when the market decides that their economics is a lost cause.

Bert Scott

What mandate, Liz?

Derek Allan

She shouldn't be an MP. I never thought the country could get worse until they picked Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries, but the Tories keep outdoing themselves.

Jamie Dockerty

Liz Truss will go down as one of the most useless and clueless prime ministers in history, typical Tory.

Ewan Munro

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Those that voted for her are responsible for her getting the job, but she is 100 per cent responsible for the dog's breakfast she made of it. There's no shortage of blame to go round.

Craig Mackie

Why are you giving her oxygen? She should have been prosecuted for negligence.

Shrinking festival

Fears that Edinburgh Festival Fringe may shrink by a third over new curbs on short-term lets

Justin Taylor Mackenzie

Purpose built student accommodation could have been made available for performers, but the majority operate as hotels during the summer break to maximise returns for their investors. The majority of performers can’t afford the vastly inflated rental prices in the city and you assume reducing the size of the event by a third would be a bad thing.

Elaine Hutton

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Using student residences is a good suggestion, although they are also used a fair bit by summer students. There are also many performers who come to Edinburgh with their families, so it wouldn’t suit them.

Margaret Gillies

I totally agree that the size of the Fringe is out of hand and there are too many greedy people cashing in.

Martin Veart

Shrunk by a third? Is that such a bad thing? The Fringe is already over-commercialised and too expensive for new talent. Perhaps we need a fringe to the Fringe. Maybe Livingston or Dunfirmline may be interested in hosting an alternative for new performers?

Nanami Kuriyama

I’m so disgusted by the current short let situation in Edinburgh. The landlords would rather leave their properties empty for a whole winter instead of renting them out to long term renters who cannot find a place to live!

Caroline Mackellar

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Yes, shrink it. It’s no longer a fringe but an over-inflated circus.

C Koundourakis

Good? I disagree with the article, most performers can't afford the short term lets anyway. The event being smaller wouldn't be the end of the world either.

Martin Cunningham

Please no fringe! Nightmare.

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