Local councillor Kevin Lang condemns youths throwing a brick through a bus window, narrowly missing a baby's head - your views online

"I think parents need to try to do more and keep tabs on their kids”

Saturday, 8th May 2021, 7:00 am
Police are following a 'positive line of enquiry' after a brick was thrown through a bus window on Wednesday evening.

Bus attacks

Local councillor Kevin Lang condemns youths throwing a brick through a bus window, narrowly missing a baby's head

Paul Sayers

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It will be the usual. The innocent will suffer as Lothian Buses will have to stop buses going on routes that continue to cause such dangerous incidents for the safety of their employees and customers. Our discipline towards youths is non-existent nowadays.

Tom Burnett

It will stop when we start to hand out hard justice not wrist slaps

Annette Macaulay

These youths should not be allowed to continue getting away with such criminal acts. They should be arrested and sent to a juvenile facility like a boot camp, where they are made to do hard labour and be disciplined. Otherwise, they can go on to become worse adult offenders.

Steven Robertson

Well do something about it Mr Councillor. Find, prosecute and publicly publish the punishments. These yobs gave up their human rights the second they picked up the brick and threw it at the bus. There is no place in society for these people.

Joanna Gardiner

Curfew for all under 18s. If it stops someone getting killed, then it might be the only way. Shame the innocent kids would also have to suffer, but what else can be done? You can't catch them, you can't tell them, they just do it more.

Steven Carstairs

I think they have to catch the folk doing it before any kind of justice can be served. Good slap around the head would be a start!

Pat Kelly

Stop with the useless excuses. Action is needed, the first being get the do-gooders to shut up. Whether these thugs have had a "bad life/time" they still know right from wrong.

Linda Sayers

Change the terminus so that drivers don't have to sit alone in isolated areas.

Geordie Mick

I think parents need to try to do more and keep tabs on their kids and make sure they aren’t getting mixed up or involved with the ones doing the damage, otherwise if they are caught, the law has to do more than just a slap on the wrist.

Donna Barrie

It is funny how many people complain about nothing being done, but when the police ask for witnesses or help identifying the culprits, nobody has anything to say. Maybe if people started to do this, these yobs would get what they deserve.

Elizabeth Boo

Sickening to think what might have happened to the baby boy.

Melanie Mathieson

If they are old enough to chuck a brick, then they are old enough to be detained when caught.

Mario Soflano

I hope there is something concrete actually done about this. There have been a few cases like this already, so do we have to wait until somebody actually dies before local government and the police will do something about it?

Ronald Wright

They should cut the routes through the day as well as at night, then the parents might do something about it as there will be no service for going to work.

Atholl Cunningham

The problem is the law cannot touch them as we have become too soft and they know all that'll happen is a slap on the wrist.

Scott Davie

Obviously the extra money paid into deprived areas to enhance their education and reduce their poverty has been well spent.

Marina Kitching

You think the kids are bad, you should see the parents!

Carlton Held

Let's not forget the govern-ment are allowing children to travel free shortly.

Audrey Ratter

Time we took control.

Ian Mycko

It's all fine and well cond- emning it, but what is being done to stop it?

Callum Bain

You can stab someone to death at that age and get away with it, so bricking a bus is just another Tuesday.

Paul Fowler

They can change laws for Covid and make major infrastructure changes affecting everybody, but they can’t change the law to make anyone caught attempting to seriously injure a human with a brick a serious crime? Get a grip!

Emil Gołębiowski

Someday they will attack the wrong bus with the wrong guy and they will back home with broken arms and teeth.

Toni Edwards

It’s okay, it will all stop soon when they’re on the buses with their free bus pass.

Thomas Mcilwraith

As usual it will take a death or serious injury for this to stop!