Lothian buses again cancelled due to anti-social behaviour in Edinburgh - your views online


Wednesday, 14th April 2021, 7:00 am
Police have commented that a Lothian bus driver has been ‘badly hurt’ after a stone was thrown at a bus, smashing its window (Photo: Police Scotland).

Bus bother

Lothian buses again cancelled due to anti-social behaviour in Edinburgh

Gavin Barrie

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The only way to put a stop to it is to have kids 16 years and younger on a curfew. If they break it, their parents should get punished with a fine and if the kid is a repeat offender, then some jail time!

Rita Brett

Name and shame them no matter what the age, they know what their doing, it angers me that when they put pictures up they blur the faces out, make them pay for what they do, army sounds a good idea.

Susan Davidson Garriock

Shocking. The youths of today don't respect anything. It's disgusting what they are doing. Instead of a slap on the hand why don't you lock them up somewhere for a few months and show them what hard work is all about? But they really should get a heavy fine for this. They are out of control. Charge them! Stop being too soft with them.

David Brown

Easiest solution put two police officers on the bus in the worst affected areas and surely between two of them they can catch one of little s**** and that will be the end of it.

Marlene Herriot

I wish they could catch the culprits and give them harsh army training and make their parents pay for the damage.

Nicole Gray

This happened on a bus I was on years ago in Niddre. A group of young people threw a brick at the window and shattered it. It’s ridiculous genuinely, but this isn’t unfortunately new.

Leanna Duddy

I had my car egged at the end of Bruntsfield Links heading towards the shops around 10pm. The road seemed quiet then all of a sudden a loud smash like my passenger windscreen had shattered and I almost lost control of the car from the shock. Reported to Police Scotland. When will this dangerous nonsense stop?

Paul Manson

Been happening to buses and taxis for years. Nobody is really interested, especially when it's the taxis where the owners need to fund a replacement window or pay their insurance excess.

Cole Crowe

Again! I feel so bad for Lothian Buses and all of the people who need to use their services. Beyond a disgrace!

Jacqueline Carpenter

I think it’s time people realised the ‘softly softly’ approach isn’t cutting it.

Paul McCall

Wow, that's unbelievable. I thought the police had this under control, watching from cameras that will be facing the wrong way at the time, as per usual.

Malcolm Devlin

I don’t even think this will get any better as lockdown eases. The kids will have another seven weeks to be bored in a few months. Even with the extra people on the buses I don’t think it will deter them. The extra people on the bus will just be more windows to aim at.

Barbara Hill

Even before Covid this happened on a bus about 7pm going along Gorgie Road. Luckily the stone hit no one.

Shell Blair Shelley

Cannae blame lockdown for their actions, they are just out to cause trouble, these youths. But unfortunately others are losing the service due to them. Find those youths, make them pay for damage and ban them from travel.

Allan Smith

This has gone far enough. Time for the parents to start controlling their lawless feral children.

Arran Hunter

Plain clothes officers on the bus might be a start. Or in the area some cars.

John Burleigh-Willis

I’m an ex-bus driver, it’s been going on for years, but it’s now time for something to be done as nobody should be put through the thought of being injured going to work.

Michael Craigens

All children under 16 should be put on a 6pm curfew for a week to see how that helps. Also £1000 fine for the parents of any child caught.

Lynda Scott Warner

Put bus marshalls on the buses, like they have air marshalls on planes.

Sharon Peel

And quite right. If the drivers, passengers and buses are being abused, then stop the services.

Gail Reekie

First time this happened my daughter had to finish work an hour early so she could get a bus home. These wee thugs need caught.

Christopher Solley

All need to be held to account, but the fact resources are stretched already is difficult.

Krzysztof Fiedorowicz

It will go on forever without a proper consequences for those who are responsible for it.