Lothian buses defends its decision to stop Edinburgh services in the face of ‘anti-Catholic' accusations from MSP James Dornan - your views online

"What absolute nonsense.The drivers’ and passengers’ safety is paramount!”

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 7:00 am

Lothian Buses

Lothian buses defends its decision to stop Edinburgh services in the face of ‘anti-Catholic' accusations from MSP James Dornan

Yvonne Clark

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What an absolutely stupid comment. Lothian Buses were trying to keep drivers safe.

Glyn Ednie

This isn't Eire, MSP Dornan. Scotland’s national flag isn't the Irish Tricolor. If there are no buses on Christmas Day, this doesn't mean an anti-Christian bias.

Jenny Lee

How embarrassing to himself that he made such a stupid comment. It's not all about you Mr Dornan. It's all about the fact the buses were vandalised by moronic individuals who haven't a brain cell among them.

Pamela Boyle

What an awful thing for an MSP to say. He clearly must be delusional.

Patricia Templeton

What a t***! I imagine they chose the timing as the earliest opportunity to stop their drivers getting bricks in their faces.

Elaine Bell

What absolute nonsense.The drivers’ and passengers’ safety is paramount!

Robert Muir

The man is not fit to be an MSP. He is either mad or bad. Possibly both.

Jackie Hamilton

I don't think the mindless idiots that were causing havoc have even heard of St Patrick. Is this guy Dornan for real?

Colin Riddell

An MSP making comments like that should stand down from his duty and is not fit to hold a position like he has. Does he not know how much this company has suffered and the staff?

Gus Stewart

Take your bigotry elsewhere please.

Ewan Andrew

Never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. What a stupid comment.

Jamie Froth

Anti-all religions works for me.

Liam Hewat

Clearly a case of opening your mouth before the mind catches up with you.

Ian Freestone

Have this clown’s comments been denounced by his party yet?

Seán Fhoirbeis

The buses are maroon. I rest my case, your Honour.

Colin Henderson

Once again the Scottish disease and Scottish embarrassment. Bigotry and sectarianism rears its head where none exists. Classic SNP. Play any card that keeps division front and centere.

John Jivanandham

It is bad enough that people like Dornan live and breathe among us, let alone having them as elected representatives in our parliament. Scotland deserves better.

Meadows moves

Heritage campaigners are trying to use a law dating back nearly 200 years to block the return of a "big top" circus tent during the planned comeback of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer

Margaret Heinsar

The Edinburgh Festival is great and I've missed it not being on the last two summers. Most of the year, apart from odd events, it's just an expanse of grass.

Nancy Morrison

We need the Meadows so teenagers have somewhere to drink and fight safely.

Lora Scott

Some people need to get a life. Each year the Meadows has fairs, music concerts and sports events, which cause more damage to the park and they haven’t complained about that. Just another poor vendetta.

John Mawdsley

The Ladyboys were in the Meadows years ago.

David Black

Yes, this is public land and not that of the council to do as they please. Same applies to both east and west Princes Street Gardens. All public land.

Michael Gordon

Going back to 1827, you'll probably find you can graze stock on it, eh.

Declan Tant

1827? The year the members of the Cockburn Association were born.

Recycling bins

Edinburgh council took away recycling bins because they were too popular

Sandra Divitt

Have a similar problem around Magdalene Drive. Everyone from the area uses it to dump stuff and it is constantly overflowing.

Andrew Noble

The smarter thing would of been to empty them more often, this fundamentally leads to fly tipping and in the end costs them more! Too busy wasting money on Spaces for People probably.