McDonald’s customers received £100 fines for exceeding a 90-minute time limit to park there - your views online

"Brings a new meaning to "fine" dining.”
McDonalds at Earl's Gate Roundabout in Grangemouth has reportedly been force to cut its operating hoursMcDonalds at Earl's Gate Roundabout in Grangemouth has reportedly been force to cut its operating hours
McDonalds at Earl's Gate Roundabout in Grangemouth has reportedly been force to cut its operating hours

Taxi for McDonald’s

A group of taxi driver pals who dined at an Edinburgh McDonald’s received £100 fines for exceeding a 90-minute time limit to park there.

Hartley Turner

It’s not legal in Scotland, bin it and don’t pay it.

Robert Dey

It would be ironic if one or more of the taxis advertised McDs on their vehicles.

Veronica Rova

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Lol, don’t tell me anyone actually pays those fines, they go straight in the bin.

Jamie Nicolson

I have had this at Livingston Drive Thru from January 2020. Twice McDonald's have tried to override it and even emailed the parking company stating I am member of staff (which I am not). I haven't paid it and to this day bailiffs are still sending out multiple letters threatening me about court action and all the rest. It’s crazy, but I will continue to ignore these letters!

Jennie Godfrey

What? You are sitting in....the service is chat a bit over your get fined for parking too long. Tell 'em to sling their hook and you'll go elsewhere.

Denis Ledward

Brings a new meaning to "fine" dining.

Stephanie Ng

They can ignore those letters in Scotland.

Kirstie Ogilvie

The drivers have had it hard enough as it is with this pandemic, that’s ridiculous.

Laurence White

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There are a lot of comments stating that these parking notices are not legal in Scotland. That's debatable and it would need to be up to a court to enforce it. I doubt it would be worth UKPC risking court charges to recover a £100 fine, so chances are they will try the tactic of ever-increasing threatening correspondence from 'debt collectors' and so-called 'bailiff' firms to try to extort the payment. Unless you get a court summons my advice would be to not pay.

John Smith

No keeper liability in Scotland. If they don’t know for certain who was driving, you are under no obligation to tell them and they cannot take it to court.

Jose M Rguez Barrera

Unfair! Enough punishment eating that rubbish.

Maureen Samuel

Same thing happened at the Chesser car park buying toys for 200 children for a Christmas party. Fined for 2hrs 19 mins. Did not realise 19 mins over cost you. Won’t be buying there again!

Dean Grieve

Got a fine in Telford Road McDonald’s, said I parked there over night as I get my breakfast there in the mornings. Only in 10 minutes and showed me a picture of me entering and the next day leaving. One week later a letter comes with a £100 fine for staying overnight. I asked them to look at the cameras to show me leaving but the company in question would not look. I complained to McDonald's and they told me it's not their cameras. Eventually I got the fine overturned after numerous emails and calls, much to my frustration.

Lesley Anthony

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My daughter got fined there too. They parked, waited 20 minutes in a queue to order. Order took 10 minutes to arrive and was the wrong order. Took it back and waited another 20 minutes for the correct order. It never arrived so went back and reminded them. Correct order eventually arrived. They ate their food left then got a huge fine for being in the car park too long. Despite explaining to McDonalds what had happened they weren’t interested in helping at all.

Chris Poon

I have never heard anyone say "dined" in a McDonald's until today.

Chris Young

Just don't pay it, there is nothing they can do. It's an invoice, not a fine or penalty notice!

Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon insists mandate for indyref2 is ‘undeniable’ after deal with Greens

Jonathan Deb

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I think she meant to say the case for shutting Holyrood is ‘undeniable’ after two decades of costing billions and achieving nothing except worse roads, education, healthcare, higher taxes, worse drug deaths and more civil servants per head than the average communist state!

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Independence is a must as we need to recover from Covid and being dragged out the EU.

Gary Daly

She’s not going to have Indy ref2 anytime soon. Not enough support for it. She is just putting it out there for the sheep!

Graeme Robertson

So these two characters who have never won any seats outright have sold themselves for an extra £30k each of public cash!