Military, Scottish Fire and Rescue service, British Red Cross and private taxis are expected to help with demand for ambulances- your views online

Army to drive ambulances from this weekend with taxis set to transport some non-emergency patients

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 7:00 am

Kate Gibson

Oh great, but are they qualified to decide if a patient really needs to go to hospital? Because all that will happen is the A&E will just have more patients trying to be admitted. The problem that needs fixing is at the hospital, more nurses etc, beds and funding for social care so that beds can be released as patients would have care packages or care homes to be discharged to. Only then will things start being sorted for the ambulance service.

Jackie Hamilton

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SNP should have used the money they spent on the temporary Louisa Jordan hospital and Aberdeen temp hospital to build and staff more permanent hospital and treatment facilities around Scotland. The problem is there's not enough hospital beds, doctors and nurses.

Stuart Young

Wonder when the pressure on the NHS is going to be exposed as politicians and their assosciates start up companies and take NHS money. Can’t be long now till everyone sees.

Jordan Brown

Why did we not need the army to help drive ambulances at the height of the pandemic but we need them now, when the majority of the country has been vaccinated and all restrictions have been lifted because we are nearly back to normal?

Johnathan Lfs Sneddon

Useless. Had better thank the British army once they sort out his mess. Again and again this fool brings failure to new heights.

Motorway protest

M8 traffic delays due to anti-vax protesters at Bathgate

Elle Murray

C’mon people, we all make our choices for whatever reasons, please do not antagonise us because you don’t agree with ours. Causing all this chaos is doing nothing for your cause. Just have a bit of respect, just because you believe in your cause does not mean it is the right one. I have to respect that this is your choice, please respect mine.

Hayley Cassidy

Clearly Covid has not affected them or their families. I am sure they wouldn’t be protesting this in that case!

Michele Peirson

If they get Covid, I hope they go to the back of queue for treatment!

Lillian Wells

Despicable people looking for a bit of excitement. Beats working!

Robina Low

Silly buggers, let the traffic through. It’s bad enough that we have very few lorries getting through.

Gavin Kennedy

Who’s up for an anti- anti-vaxx protesters protest?

Sheila Wilson

Whatever happened to people making their own choices? Trying to force their anti-vaxx opinion on others is just going to have the opposite effect. Total idiots!

Afghan refugees

Edinburgh’s Afghan refugees are currently ‘settling in well’ and living in hotel accommodation, according to the council leader.

Vikki Duke

What happened to humanity? These poor people! We couldn’t in our worst nightmares know a fraction of what they have been through. If you were so desperate to leave your country, home, job, friends all for a chance to be safe, who wouldn’t do the same? It isn’t these poor peoples fault where they were born and I think all the hatred from some on this thread is extremely unwelcome.

Kenny Murphy

It's absolutely correct that we offer these folk refugee status. Having worked for us over in Afghanistan they and their families were under huge threat of retribution. However, if we can look after refugees we can look after folk born and raised here who are in difficulty.

Lorna Hutchens

Having been through the homeless situation myself I wish them well. Fleeing your own country leaving everything behind – I can not imagine the fear. Some of these people are bringing kids who deserve a place of safety. Yes, we do need to help out our own, that's a given, but we also need to be human and care for those who've been forced out.

Becky Summers

What about our homeless people on the streets, families in temporary accommodation or overcrowding issues? Don't get me wrong, Iam all up for helping others out. I think the council/government should put their own first. There is no such thing as a fair waiting system on the housing list.

Christina Bruce

Our government have a history of offering, not sure the people are quite on the same page.

Isaac McCallum

What about our homeless?