Mixed response to the return of Edinburgh's Christmas Market - your views online

Underbelly reveals Edinburgh Christmas festival expansion plans for Princes Street Gardens

Lynne Clapperton

Haven't missed Edinburgh' s Disneyland in the slightest! Underbelly must running low on profit. The demise of our beautiful city continues.

Donna Danielle Stars

Totally understand why local folks don’t like the festival. I used to live in Whitehorse Close in the centre. Had to move due to hubbys job. So I get it! However, the revenue it brings in from tourists is much needed by the local retail and hospitality trade right now. After the horrific time they’ve had in the past 18 months I’m sure the trade this brings will be a godsend to them.

Morag Gray

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Good luck to them, I absolutely love the Christmas markets. Winter is a very cold, depressing time of year and I’m all for something that brings some fun and colour to the town.

Kate Low

So now they have managed to take over West Princes St Gardens! It is a garden, not a Disney playpark.

Stephanie Inglis

Great, then council will spend six months repairing damage to the gardens.

Hazel Middleton

Rip off market which is tacky and is not a reflection of our city.

Tam Bruce

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So much for our council looking at other options. Market should be for local traders from Edinburgh and Lothians.

Linda Hendry Lennen

Look forward to its return.

Elayne Young

Rip of. Better markets in Europe... Wroclaw is really good and wasn't overcrowded.

Bobby Bravado

How much carbon emissions is this creating? Not very environmentally friendly.

Julie Starr

What about offering the people of Edinburgh a citizens’ discount? Why should we pay tourist prices?

Raymond Rose

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No lessons learned. After the Underbelly debacle and ruined gardens of the last Xmas Market are we surprised? No! CEC are tied up in knots to the thraldom of UB and it doesn't bode well for the city and its citizens, as another Xmastatsville is allowed to be built in our beloved gardens.

Lorraine Blyth

Overpriced, overcrowded rip off that invariably leaves our city like a dump with no obvious benefits to Joe Public.

Karen Mac

Underhanded more like.... last year was just perfect.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Edinburgh PLC, the city that sold its soul, a subsidiary of Underbelly. Wait until you see the state of Princes Street Gardens in January.

Irn-Bru threat

Irn-Bru production is under threat due to carbon dioxide shortage

Olesya Smart

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Never thought I'd see the word "shortage" used in relation to carbon dioxide! If only they found a way to use that CO2 contributing to climate change.

Alison Lorna Smith

Wait, aren’t we supposed to be going independent? How can we do that if we can’t ship Irn-Bru about, like salmon, oil and whisky? Our country needs this!

Ruth Turner

But it doesn't need CO2. It's made from "girders"!

Craig Marshall

That makes me fizz.

Ian Young

Who tells McDonald's they could be running out of it on top of their ice cream machine breaking down? All it needs is the Colonel to run out of chicken.

Reid Cunningham

OMG, it could be the end of Scotland and everything we love…

C Marie Smart

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Oh hell no! I can’t cope without my Irn Bru. Not interested in stocking up on toilet roll, beer, pasta or tea, this is what I’ll be buying extra of.

Paul Taylor

I would have thought all the Greens would be dancing on the motorway if our supply of CO2 is shut down.

Paul Sutherland

Only time Douglas Ross might come in handy!

Steven Freeburn

They changed the flavour and it's average now, so no major loss.

Raymond Rose

I'd still drink it flat!

Richard Mclachlan

Can't we just get some of the spare stuff from the House of Commons? There's plenty there with all their chat and no action.

Ken Lee

The "zero-emission" policy is so successful!

João Rosado

Irn-Bru is disgusting. How can someone drink that?