Monarchy protests - your views online

Senior legal figures and politicians have raised concerns about the arrest of anti-monarchy protesters in Scotland and England.

Dorothy Williamson

The majority of folks there were there to mourn the passing of the Queen and show their support for her family. The comments made by the young man could have resulted in him being assaulted by the crowd. It was indeed a potential breach of the peace and therefore it was better he was removed for his own safety and to maintain the peace and tranquility of the area.

Donna Petrie

I’m not a royalist and I also believe in lawful protest. Let’s be realistic - we are not living in some totalitarian country where we are oppressed and in danger of life and limb if we protest. So it’s not “brave” to protest here. However, I don’t think yelling insults at grieving family in front of their deceased is intelligent protest. It’s cruel, insensitive and done to cause distress. So the cause itself is degraded.

Gordon Gillies

Everyone has a right to their views. The placards and posters should be allowed and people shouldn’t be arrested for those. I think the person who was arrested for shouting out during the coffin procession made a wrong decision and should be charged for a breach of the peace, not because of his views, but because he could have incited a riot with his actions. That being said, I do however, think he is entitled to air his views, just not during a funeral procession. I speak as a supporter of the monarchy.

Gavin A Neate

If someone turned up at my parents or grandparents funeral and started shouting about a disservice he felt they had done him when they were alive I would applaud his use of free speech before kicking him up and down the road. There are times to protest for the greatest impact. I’m not sure the impact made was particularly positive in his favour.

Brian Hayes

He should have been left to the crowd of decent people to sort out - he would never have done that. again

Andrew Davidson

Whatever their cause is supposed to be, it isn't doing their cause any favours. Just reflecting that they are hooligans and bullies

Jools RD

Very disrespectful – there’s a time and a place!

Alan Mcpherson

I’m a staunch republican and want rid of the lot of them who enjoy a life of privilege due to accident of birth, but I have no time for those people who protest at the funeral of a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. There’s a time for protest – this is not one of them.

Patrice Reid

Have people no respect! We are mourning the loss of our Queen and don't need idiots ruining our country’s reputation and upsetting the decent people who want to pay their respects.

Yvonne Forrest

Awful behaviour at any time, but at a time of grieving is utterly disgusting. So disrespectful.

Liam Dickson

Some people can’t seem to see past Royal family and are so delusioned by the BBC that they are this perfect innocent family. At the end of the day it’s freedom of speech and it’s wrong to arrest people for pointing out the obvious.

Chloë Morrison

In almost any situation of note there are a few that don't get it, aren't mentally well, don't agree or are there to cause trouble. Where there will be meaning for one, there will be cause to rebel for another.

Catherine Woodcock

Meanwhile I witnessed a support worker having to take a disabled person on a bus for an appointment as they were unable to get a taxi - the impact of the arrangements on everyday but still important lives has been immense.

Queen’s corgis

What will happen to them after her death?

Christine Mchallum

The late Queen would have it all sorted before she passed, they were her life.

Neil MacIver

They'll be evicted and replaced with King Charles Spaniels!

Fhoirbeis Ó Dúláin

Seafield Dog & Cat home are on standby.

Heatheř Andersoň

It's already been stated that they will be kept with the family.

Robbie Gullan

She left them all her money, they will enjoy themselves.

Michael J Lockerbie

Under the Imperial Canine of act of 86’ they will be housed in the Pedigree Quarters for a total of 7 days which is 1 day in human terms before being transferred to the next available royal with appropriate grooming credentials.