More people will be seriously hurt in Scotland this summer from illegal electric scooters insurance lawyers have warned - your views online

"Why not do something productive, like offer free road safety and awareness courses?”

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 7:00 am

Scooter danger

More people will be seriously hurt in Scotland this summer from illegal electric scooters whose use is increasing unchecked, insurance lawyers have warned

Baraq Ghaleb

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The speed of e-scooters must be limited to no more than 20mph and they should be made to use only cycles lanes. If that is done then there will be few to no accidents involving them.

Willie Leith

I see a pattern here. The “number of near misses/close calls/nearly been hit” comments simply means you haven’t been hit or injured. Other similar narratives include “what if a fire engine had come/suppose a child had been crossing/imagine a dog had run out”. How about this - imagine you could relax and enjoy your life and take pleasure seeing others enjoy theirs too. E scooters look brilliant to me. Legalise them, then riders can get insurance if they need to but I fail to see how you can make insurance compulsory for a scooter and not a bike.

Jamie Turner

Why not do something productive, like offer free road safety and awareness courses or something along those lines? If they are going to get used anyway, might as well do something positive about it.

Kelvin Kennedy

The number of times I’ve almost been hit when they or I had to swerve to avoid collision due to the speed. Also the lack of experience handling something so fast. Very bad going under bridges and someone tries to sneak through!

Bill Whyte

I have had several near misses with these things while out for my daily walk. One of the problems is you can't hear them! Even more disturbing is the number of these things being used on the roads, with riders swerving between vehicles. It is time the police took action to stop this.

Steven Ogilvie

They need to find a way to integrate these. They don't want cars in Edinburgh. I would happily take the car to the train station grab this out the boot, get on the train then scoot to work from Waverley.

Niall Dolan

You should just have to be 18 and have a licence to use them.

John Keating

Don’t know what the issue is here. Why can’t we just move the planters over a bit and put an e-scooter lane next to the cycle lane?

Isobel Fraser

I thought they could only be used on private land.

William Manson

If it is illegal to use them on roads and pavements, then the police should be doing their job. If your car is not legal they stop you and take it off you.

Tyler Nisbet

Boring. Paris and Brisbane have public e-scooters dotted all about the city and they’re fine.

Frances Petrie-Hay

I saw a woman on an e-scooter, on the pavement, with a small baby in a backpack, in Dalkeith the other morning! Crazy or what?

Don Clark

No wonder English councils are banning the trials. They are driven by idiots who think the law does not apply to them. I hope Glasgow does not take on the trial scheme as they have to look at accident rates and how they are going to police it. Young kids are using parents details to use them on these trials.

Tom MacDonald

Factor in sat nav-focused food delivery riders, the guy in the sun lounger with wheels, the toddlers in the long bath tub contraptions, babies in tow behind trailer/tents and illegal e-bikes, pavement riding/red light jumping cyclists - it’s no longer the car that should be the focus of safety and lawlessness!

Paul Taylor

No licence, no training, no crash helmet, no insurance.

Alex Robertson

People having fun - STOP THIS! Control the people, lock them up!

Andy Stringer-Millin

E scooters go about max 10mph. I agree they shouldn’t be on roads and pavements, but cycle paths etc. I don’t see the issue if used properly.

Gavin Jarvie

I don’t own one but don’t see any reason for banning them….quite the opposite. Encourage it and regulate them so they are used safely.

Tania Allan

Well...well. if Edinburgh Council is pushing to ban cars in the city then what do you expect? Cycle lanes are everywhere.

Pam Brown

Throttles fitted to them, zooming across zebra crossings, roads, pavements; two on board one scooter – crazy.

Emily Keenan Smith

What happens to drivers who have their cars damaged by them? Who pays?