Motoring measures in council elections - your views online

The future of travel in the Capital could be decided by the outcome of today’s council election as voters are asked to back a bold set of measures including a congestion charge, a workplace parking levy and an expansion of residents' parking charges.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 7:00 am

Alan Davidson

If you own a vehicle, are a driver or tradesperson why would you even consider voting SNP in Edinburgh? If you do then don't complain later when you are charged to the hilt to drive in Edinburgh. Remember this is local elections about running the city, nothing to do with national elections.

Renée La Racineuse

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A “bold set of measures”, aka Spaces for More Taxes. It’ll soon be cheaper to buy a helicopter and fly to work in Edinburgh.

Chris Kelly

Spaces for People forces cars down certain routes creating congestion. Now they decide “oh, the elections are coming up we best do some road works” on every road in the city at once making the congestion worse. They couldn’t make it anymore obvious that they are trying to make people vote for them by creating artificial congestion.

Paul Cuthbert

Lots of better paid office workers now have the luxury of working from home, but let’s hammer the lower income people who have to go to work in retail etc… single parents trying to get kids to school then go to work straight after in cars. Always tax and shaft the people who need their cars to make a living as it’s the easier target for a earner.

Willie Walker KT

If workplace parking is passed on to employees who have to travel any kind of distance - some are already toilling to make ends meet – they are going to give up as it doesn't make economic sense to go to work and be poorer. And I'm one of the bus drivers they are hoping the public are going to use. There is already a shortage of drivers – this is a way to make things worse.

Mary Smith

And that’s going to help poor people trying to get to hospitals! It’s not the answer.

Graeme Robertson

Yeah, of course, post pandemic and everything else that is going on in this world, everyone has tons of spare money to pay for all this!

Liz Lamb

The council have deliber-ately caused congestion in this once beautiful city, so that they can then bring in a congestion charge. They don’t give a monkey’s about the residents.

Stephen Stormonth

More cars on the roads is not the answer, so I would support such a measure.

Glyn Ednie

Back in the day we used to love driving from Fife to Edinburgh to shop. Parking prices became silly, road layouts kept changing and we haven't driven there for years. Livingston has better shopping, and town centre parking there costs only 50p per hour. The SNPAY/Green Meanies seem to think that all car owners are millionaires.

Steven Wilson

Going into Edinburgh is dying, why not help put more nails into the coffin? It’s all about taking as much money off people these days. Stupid parking costs, road charges, shops poor choice in current times, Princes Street nowhere as good as it used to be.

Ian MacLachlan

In the not too distant future the only people that will be able to afford private cars will be the wealthy, as it was not that long ago!

Tom MacDonald

Welcome to CCWC. This initiative replaces CCS (Create Congestion Scheme) which has been the main focus of the council for a number of years. The new scheme Correct Congestion with Charges (CCWC) was alway in the plan from day one. A brilliant strategy when you think about it.

Lucy Reid

Once again hitting the people that work. Good luck finding staff for business when everyone looks for work closer to home! All who work in Edinburgh don’t stay in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is going to be non-functioning soon! It’s not as simple as get people out their cars! There is a massive social divide in Edinburgh and cars are a meeting point in this divide! All the council is doing is driving their working class people out.

Diane Pearson

Just so the council has more money it'll waste instead of fixing pavements and roads.

William Johnstone

The constant attacks on the motorist have to stop.

William Wood

Kind of makes sense now, the big house building projects in South Queensferry, part of CEC so no charge going into Edinburgh, watch out Queensferry Road!

Graham Gray

Folk need their money for expensive fuel, food and utility bills.