Moving Edinburgh's eye care to Livingston was rejected seven years ago - your views online

MSPs pressing for a new Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh have urged the Scottish government to accept the verdict reached seven years ago when the option of moving to Livingston was rejected

Eye Pavilion

Moving Edinburgh's eye care to Livingston was rejected seven years ago

Scott Land

I hear they're going to move Edinburgh Castle to the Netherlands because its much flatter and the tourists won't have to walk up any steep hills to get to it. Let's blame the SNP ...... just because.

Dorothy Bell

Livingston is far too far away - it is just ridiculous.

Margaret Mcbride

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Absolutely disgraceful. Could lose them votes. One for sure.

Theresa Notman

Disgraceful – they need to be ashamed of themselves. Tell you now I won’t be voting for them, pure disgrace.

Kerry Ford

Are we the capital?

Smith C Karen

Too busy funding road blocks and planters, no cash for NHS.

Steven Hogg

But they have been spending £97 million for EU students to study here, though.

Ross Viviani

If this was Glasgow, the SNP would be throwing shovel loads of cash at it.

Sheila Lawrie

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Instead of spending money on trams and student flats, what about thinking about the needs of the public? I've to get cataracts done and there is no way I can go to Livingston. We don't have a car, I would need three buses to get there I'm not fit to do that. I'm like many others in the same position.

Jackie Moody

So patients may have to travel to Livingston! What about those patients (some of whom will be elderly) that will have to get there by public transport. For many that could be two or more buses each way!

Colin Moss

After the screw up the Health Board made moving the Sick Kids to Little France, the Scottish government are holding back funding. Until the mess made of the Sick Kids is fixed, and the inquiry works out why the Health Board ignored all advice etc, no sane funder would give them more money to spend.

John Watling

Cutting the Glasgow drug budget to four years would save £50m, but because it’s Edinburgh the SNP will refuse. Wonder what will happen if Tayside needs extra money for their NHS.

Ann McCarron

Not a good idea to move to Livingston.

Mark Fairbairn

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If they can't see we need this in Edinburgh, maybe they need to book an appointment. If this has been up for debate for years, why not factor this in to one of the new-builds at Little France?

Elizabeth McArthur

I hope Edinburgh remembers this shocking news when they place their X in May... but I doubt it.

Keith Spencer

Too busy wasting money on useless, unneeded and unwanted ‘spaces for people’ and cycle lanes the size of a motorway lane!

Robin Dickson

Yet they can find another £95 million to put into finishing two ferries where they mucked up the original contracts and an increase of 20% in their budget for overseas and European activity, where they have no delegated responsibility. Priorities are all wrong!

Collette Halley

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Disgraceful. We are the capital of Scotland and Edinburgh has always been at the forefront in medicine.

Scott Alexander

Why are they doing this?

Ian Henderson

Shocking. Scottish government sitting on £700 million emergency Covid funding and £1.7 billion of tax revenue.

Paula Docherty

Let's fund the things that are not important, but let's close a well used hospital instead of upgrading it. T his government have no shame.

Sharon Macnab

Absolutely shocking news . I think the government should fund a new Eye Pavilion in Edinburgh.

Michael Gordon

U-turn on this before the election, eh?

Kris Rowze

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Would be much easier if it was in Livingston, plenty parking.

Jennifer Watson

This is shocking! Some folk that live in Edinburgh find it hard enough to get to this place as it is, never mind having to travel further! This SNP lot are getting away with shutting even more clinics - just baffles me.

Alan Ramsay

Theyll be advising you to make a 150-mile round trip to Durham with your sick wife and kids to test your eyesight. If you don’t crash, you don’t need specs.

Angela Michael Michie

Happy to fund another independence referendum and all that money wasted on trams.