Mum fined for breaking lockdown rules to babysit - your views online

A single mum has been fined more than £800 for breaking lockdown rules by babysitting a child in her ‘bubble’ - days before Downing Street’s alleged Christmas party
Allegra Stratton at the Downing Street podiumAllegra Stratton at the Downing Street podium
Allegra Stratton at the Downing Street podium

Pauline McEwan

Absolutely disgusting, she was helping out a friend who was in her bubble anyway and he was injured so she looked after his child. This government will continue to ruin the people in this country no matter what. Get rid of them and I hope she doesn't pay the fine, as I wouldn't.

Cor Kearns

Mr and Mrs Cummings drove miles with Covid symptoms to get his family to babysit!

Craig Young

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Even stranger considering Boris had a guest stay over on Christmas night because she was part of his son’s childcare bubble.

Pat Kilgour

It seems to be, as per the norm, one rule for us ordinary, law-abiding folks and one for them.

Jason Van Hagen

“But after an apparent ‘tip off’ about a party at the home, police turned up and found the girls watching a film with hot chocolates.” Yup, this is where we’re at now… ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes’

Anne McLaren

Childcare was the only exemption during lockdown.

Pauline Gillian Cooper

Shocking, don't pay a penny.

Michelle Reilly

Shocking, but on the other hand rules are only made for certain individuals.

Eileen McBride

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This week last year the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Scotland, at a time when we were not allowed to leave our local authority area. No one seemed bothered by this or other infringements of Covid restrictions by members of the Royal Family.

Debbie Gray

Absolutely disgusting behaviour by the police and a government who enforced this. That woman’s fine should be written off and should never had happened.

Heather Roberts

This is getting beyond a joke now.

Allan Saunders

Just don't pay it. I would rather go to prison for 14 days.

Rachel Cara McIntyre

Yet Boris can have a Christmas party! I know what I’d be saying to them.

Edinburgh’s Christmas

What’s the best thing about Edinburgh at Christmas time?

Maureen Scott

Running round Arthur’s Seat on Christmas morning, watching the city wake up before settling down to overindulge in all the yummy Christmas food and wine!

Sheila Ross

Living at the coast away from Edinburgh.

Fabs De las Olas

Lights all around town. So awesome!

Kas Aber

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Sitting round the Christmas table with all my family...such beautiful memories.

John Hewit

Had a look at this year’s Christmas market - not impressed.

Livv Sklenar

Watching the ice skaters fall over from the mulled wine bar on George Street!

Alan Laws

When you get away from Princes Street Gardens and can relax after fighting through the crowd.

Anne-Marie Bain

It used to be all the great shops. Not now.

Marie McCubbin

The Castle at night, beautiful.

Mel Brown

Finishing work for the year and avoiding the centre of town!

Julie Black

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Just love the Christmas markets and all the lights and decorations.

Theresa Ganley Reynolds

The Dome and George Street.

Donna Blair Mcqueen

Two weeks off work starting December 21 – yeeeeha.

James A Gardiner

It “was” Jenners

Lawrie Smith

Living in the most amazing city in the world.

Marjorie Knight

The tree on the Mound, that’s it.

Jarosław Załęski

I believe the Christmas Market is the Best in Europe.

Deanne Chatt

Everything. It’s quite magical.

Carole Robertson

Keeping well out of the city - works for me

Val Hunter

All the old town buildings in the snow.