Name of new primary school to be built in Morningside - your views online

Parents and the local community are to be asked for their views on the name of the new primary school to be built in Morningside’s Canaan Lane.

Tom Kerr

Amazing how the old school still stands and has done for 200 years (and will last another hundred). This modern rubbish won’t last 50.

Vivian Farmer

How about, “took twice as long to build and four times the money” school?

Coinneach Saor Alba

Call it Independence Primary School.

Izabela Kujawińska

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When will there be a new high school in the area of Gilmerton-Burdiehouse - 6000 new houses... 0 high school... 1 new primary school (Frogston)?

David Kay

Call it "Taxpayer primary school" – it’s about time credit went where it’s due.

Bruce Johnston

The “built in the wrong place” school .

Tom Park

Bet it starts falling to bits in 26 years.

Alice Foster

There’s a Flora Stevenson primary school, why not a person's name?

Jamie Dockerty

Silver spoons.

Johnny Mac

Saroj Lal is a good idea.

Care homes

Plight of Edinburgh 91-year-old who faced being abandoned at home without care raises questions about care home closure plan

Jacqueline Bell

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This situation has been festering for years. Over a decade ago I told Shona Robison that reshaping rhe balance of care policy would fail. That care homes and downstream hospital beds should not close without being certain community resources in place. The Edinburgh situation shows the failure....not enough care at home staff. People stuck in hospital waiting on packages or care homes. But they propose to close more care homes. Consequence will be increased bed blocking. Meanwhile, people finding care packages reduced or cut across Lothian.

Iain Brough

Can’t think why there is a chronic shortage of staff.

Heather Ford

Edinburgh Council no longer surprises me. Proposals to close five care homes makes no sense at all when there's a shortage of carers. Are they looking to sell the land to developers for more unaffordable/student housing?

Jacqueline Brown

It begs the question how safe a bedridden individual is even with a care package. What if there was a fire or some nasty individual broke in? Doesn’t bear thinking about.

Jane Dickie

These homes are closing due to being deemed unsuitable, probably due to legislation within the care commission changing. It can be something like size/access or no en-suite. A lot of these homes were built a long time ago and can’t be re-modelled. Councils all over are going to have to find a way to care for the elderly in their communities. This is not an SNP problem, this is UK-wide.

Robert Muir

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Independence is inevitable, they say, as supported by the young. Is that why they get “freebies” and the elderly are treated like this? Shocking.

John Keating

Are they really interested? As long as we have underused trams, cycle lanes, planters, unfinished ferries and inadequate GPs, that’s more important.

Margaret Cummings

Makes you wonder how many are being left to fend for themselves. I hope it doesn't take a death to get the councils to stand up and be counted.

Paula Docherty

I despair at the treatment of the elderly in Scotland.

Paul McMungall

Most care home are privately owned. Please stop blaming the NHS and councils. Start pointing the fingers at the owners of these privately owned care homes.

Kay Resarf

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Covid has given the council the opportunity to close these homes. They say the homes are unsuitable, but they also say they have the money to invest in care at home. Care at home requires much more assessment than coming into a care home. If a patient is in hospital they can wait months for a package of care to become available. Their home has to be assessed, equipment needs to be sourced, risk assessments need to be carried out for the service user and the staff. Nurses, GPS, all health professionals will be put under more pressure to do home visits. Lastly if a service user goes into hospital for something like an infection they will lose their package of care and have to reapply for it again - I know its unreal.